5 Tips for Planting and Gardening Asparagus

A stem like plant which is used in innumerable delicacies as well as consumed as a salad, Asparagus is one of the world’s healthiest foods. However, these are just the roots of Asparagus.

Even the spears of this plant are considered to be a healthy edible since ancient times. Today, Asparagus is a rich part of the diet of people across the globe. Because many people are aware of the benefits of this plant, it is planted by them in their personal gardens or backyards. Thinking about growing asparagus in your own garden?

Below are a few tips that you should refer to before you begin.

1. Storing Prior to Planting

Prior to planting the roots of asparagus, these roots should be stored in moist sand or should be kept wrapped in a slightly damp newspaper.

2. Prepare the Site

You will need a place where there is enough of drainage. Well-drained soil that receives a good amount of sunlight is preferable and suited for the growth of asparagus plants.

3. Planting of Asparagus

Once you have checked the soil as well as its manure content, you will now have to begin planting the asparagus roots in the soil. For this, dig a trench approximately 10-12 inches deep. Thereafter, refill the trench that you have dug with amended soil until the trench is full to 6 inches. Now set the roots in the trench and start filling the soil in the trench till you reach the ground level.

4. Weed Control

Ensure that mulching is regularly done so that weeds sprout around asparagus. You will need to remove any yellow foliage that grows around the best asparagus plants, making them low-quality.

5. Harvesting

Post 2-3 years of having planted asparagus, they are prepared for harvesting. The harvesting may be continued a month post the initial harvest has taken place.

The above-listed five steps are broad descriptions of growing and harvesting asparagus. With a little bit of concentration and focus, one can grow the best asparagus plantsat his own home.

For someone who is thinking about planting asparagus, there is one surety that his hard work won’t go in vain because every part of asparagus has some use or the other. Happy gardening!

Written by Reinhart Elboeck of strawberrydelivery.mybigcommerce.com