7 Tips to Start Dressing With Confidence

It's important to always be confident in whatever you are wearing. No matter how much cash you have spent on it; confidence is what makes you look chic and classy. No confidence? Your dressing is surely going to waste and your money is as well. So just before you spend dollars on something, judge yourself on whether you have the confidence you wear it or not! And if not, then maybe you need some confidence boosters.

Dressing is all about you and if you know your thing than confidence boosts is apparent. Here are some ideas that will make you gain confidence in your dressing.

1. Color

The best tip is to know what looks good on you! The biggest factor that makes you look best is knowing what color is best for you. Facial tones play an essential role in this. Mostly fair toned people like warmer colors and people with dark features are attracted to soft and spring colors. 

2. Shape

People who consider their body shape while buying or dressing, are the ones who stay comfortable all the time. Flattering your curves is an art and if you know what suits your body shape, then you will be the most confidently dressed lady amongst a crowd.

3. Play Up Your Strengths

Everyone has a feature that is their strength. Body shape usually plays an essential role in determinding your strongest features. So figure out what stands out on you and showcase it.

4. Find Your Personal Style

Everyone has a style that suits them the best. If you know your style, then that is what will boost your confidence the most. Your outfit is what defines your style. So find individual pieces that really speak to you and who you are. 

5. Dress According to the Occasion

Always dress according to the occasion. If you are the odd one out at any given function then your confidence will obviously break down and knowing your style or playing with your strength won’t even help. It will only break your confidence. Dress up by keeping the occasion in mind.

6. Stay in Your Comfort Level

Dressing with confidence does not ask you to step out of your comfort zone. Staying within what you are comfortable with is going to boost up your dressing confidence the most. If you like shorter things, then you will be most confident by wearing them. If you don’t like tighter shirts, then don't wear them! So know your comfort level and stay within it.

7. Positive Vibes Only

You might think that I am crazy but yes thinking positive also reflects in your dressing. If you are positive about what you are wearing, then you are surely going to be confident. Loving your body and being confident about it will always be in style.

Written by Fidelia Negue of www.larole.com
Fahion Blogger