Burning, pin pricking...will the pain ever end?

I first experienced the horrible pain of neuropathy five years ago. My job was a very demanding, time structured position and the pounding on concrete floors and the constant up and down a ladder wore my feet out. I also was required to work inside a freezer in zero temperatures for two or three hours at a time. This combination resulted in plantar fasciitis in my feet which within a month of that appearing turned into neuropathy in my feet and legs. I had a electrical conductivity test performed on my legs and out of 13 places checked, 9 showed extreme nerve damage issues. My regular doctor suggested starting Cymbalta or Lyrica and I told him I was through with drugs. I began searching the internet and came across Dr. Randall Labrum's book The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution Treatment Program and it was my 'God Send.' I began taking B12 and Alpha Lipoic "Acid daily and Dr. Labrum recommended purchasing a Ultima Neuro device and I'll tell you after all the money I spent on shoes, inserts, therapy and doctor's visits, this device was the best investment I've ever made. After 3 months of wondering how I'd get through the day with the constant pain I started using the device on each leg for 30 min. each and within the first week my symptoms were 90% better. I set up a website recently neuropathynick.com and I've listed what has helped me, supplements, the Ultima Neuro device and two videos that have a ton of information on beating this disease. If your doctors are telling you there is no cure, I won't tell you that everyone will get the same results I'm experiencing, but I'm sure glad I read Dr. Labrum's book and purchased the Ultima Neuro. My best advice to you after experiencing neuropathy outbreaks twice and beat them both times, stick to a natural approach.

Written by Nick Alvis of neuropathynick.com
63 yr old male living in Va. Beach, Va. Married to wife Linda for 42 yrs with one son Chad. Naval Reserve Vietnam veteran. Worked in Route Sales for twenty one years. Just quit working for Target where I worked for 8 years. Authored two Christian books.