The 4 Elements of Optimal Photographic Results

Photography is more than a skill; it must be a passion to turn technical application into income. During my history as a professional photographer, I have always found that top quality equipment goes a long way in establishing the right ambience for a shoot.

Perhaps the most challenging element of photography is creating the proper background conditions for indoor or set-based outdoor shoots. Once the structural foundations are in place, I can begin to shoot.

Preparation begins with understanding the effect of the following four factors on high quality photo outcomes: subject, background composition, lighting, and equipment.

1. The Subject

Well recognized nature photographers study their subjects for several days prior to the shoot.

Observation of lighting effects or transitions in the daily life of flora and fauna over time allows a photographer to understand nuances that might translate in imagery. Similarly, set photographers shooting portraiture or products must have knowledge of the aesthetic conventions and expectations, and they must alternate approaches that might be applied in their next session.

2. Background Composition

While the composition of landscape photography is generally a subjective decision, the formula for good set photography requires both aesthetic and spatial arrangements. Framing a set with the right props typically starts with a backdrop. For instance, commercial clients paying for a photographic series of products for marketing of their brand may demand precise background elements. Equally, portraiture clients expect that a photographer will produce imagery that represents their most attractive features.

In both cases, the right equipment is key to background composition.

3. Proper Lighting

Flash photography used on set shoots is the best indoor lighting technique for controlling the directionality and quality of light in a photo series. For flawless illumination, professional weight background sets in canvas or vinyl, serve to refract unwanted spots or other light related imperfections on a subject.

4. The Equipment

The touchstone of all professional photographic execution, the technical elements of set photography are the basis of precise imagery. To enhance the outcomes of set photography, purchase only those technical elements that will provide optimal results. Without proper background equipment and foundation, subject, composition, and lighting may be compromised.

A rolling expand core grip kit is what I recommend to help you master the grip elements to the set behind the scenes.

The overview is based on vinyl background set up:

Rolling Expand Core Grip Kit Parts Break-Down & Assembly Instructions

1. Fasten hooks on the stands.

2. Expand the kit on the hooks.

3. Expand the grip on the chain side.

4. Expand the grip on the brake side.

Grip kit equipment takes the guesswork out of the assembly and break-down of a set. With grip kit components, a shoot can be underway in just minutes.

Easy-to-assemble and break-down, adjustable during shoots, and portable for carriage to location, backdrop support equipment gives you the ultimate background support.

Written by Sheng Ye of
Founder of PES.