Wear Lingerie and Feel Confident

It is surprising to see the drastic change in women's lingerie. Modern women should feel thankful to be born in this specific time if she has learned the history of lingerie.

During the 60s and 70s, women undergarments were made without much sensuality or femininity and only to serve a few functions and purpose. In the early 20s, it was the trend for the women to have small waist. For that they were put into corsets even when they were a young girl and that was surely not only uncomfortable but also unhealthy.

During World War I, when more and more women were engaging densely with the workplace, it became a necessity of more realistic undergarments. Considering that fact, breathable and considerably lighter fabrics were introduced and much focus given on functionality. The 30s and 40s could be marked as the era of evolution of women's lingerie to enhance feminine shape and becoming the substitute of the bra.

Nowadays, it is not a secret that women are wearing lingerie. Women enjoy wearing lingerie even more than the men who are seeing their loved ones in lingerie. Perfect lingerie can make a woman feel sexy. It doesn't matter what she is wearing over it as she is aware that beneath she is wearing sexy lingerie that boosts her confidence.

This feeling of sexy confidence is an important reason why modern women like to wear lingerie and knowing that she is wearing something sensual under her ordinary clothing. No doubt that lingerie changes the woman’s posture and attitude gracefully with a feeling of triumph under her jeans and only she is aware of the secret. At the same time, beautiful lingerie is an impressive way to show a woman's gender identity.

Arguments continue about whether or not sexy lingerie is empowering. Eventually, a woman does not wear her undergarments publicly, but wearing these outfits definitely empowers them as most women would agree to this point.

Like the corset in early 20s, lingerie is still serving the purpose of improving the figure of a woman who may see flaws. When a woman wants to flatten her stomach and buttocks, she can wear a panty suitable for this like control type panties. If a woman has small breasts, she can wear push up bras or padded bras which will allow their clothing to look better.

Lingerie can transform an average female body into something more. For that the woman wearing it, must know how to unlock the potential power of the lingerie. The most important fact is that today's lingerie's are much more comfortable compared to what women were wearing in the early 20s. Most women find it pleasant to feel the soft fabrics like silks and satin with lace on their bare skin.

In today's fast-paced world, women are working just as hard as men and even in fields dominated by men. Wearing lingerie always reminds her that she is a woman. Maybe she is wearing an overall or work wear but underneath she is wearing a comfortable, lacy camisole and with that she feels very much like a woman.

Women wearing lingerie are now transformed into delicate and sensual fashion. Now the corsets and girdles are made of soft, fine and comfortable fabrics instead of painfully binding and tightening them around the waist. And also there are number of colors, designs and qualities available to choose from.

Women's lingerie has emerged as an enormous industry. And the industry is also ever changing, everyday offering different and new styles and excitements. Countless options are available for women from sexy to seasonal, comfy to cutesy. There is always a type of lingerie for any woman.

Written by Vele'An Eaton of www.veleanpassion.com
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