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Help Hair Shake 4 Step ProgramHelp Hair Shake 4 Step Program

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Help Hair Shake- essential protein for hair growth.

Help Hair Vitamins -essential minerals and B vitamins, Niacin, and herbs

 Help Hair Volumizing Shampoo - essential for damaged thin lifeless hair

Help Hair Volumizing Condtioner- essential to soften but maintain volume and restore dull hair 


resized-help-hair-vitamins.jpgHelp Hair Vitamins

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We have World Renown Hair Physicians who use Help Hair products for their patients;

Help Hair DoctorsDr Achiamah OSEITUTU- Board Certified Dermatologist

Help Hair Shake for African AmericansHelp Hair Shake for Black Hair

This is  a patient  of Dr Achiamah OSEITUTU with biopsy proven central centrifugal alopecia treated with Help Hair Shake,

injection steroids, essential oils and oral anti-inflammatory. Pictures are date stamped.


Check out these Amazing Photos:  "Let me start off by saying that I love this product I have been taking hair shake since 2016.. I started balding in my early 30’s. My grandfather, father, uncles, most of my brothers and mostly all my cousins are bald or headed in that direction. I pretty much come from a bald family. This product not only make my hair thicker, it also make my hair grow really fast. Without this product I could get away with a hair cut every 2-3 weeks. When on this product I have to get a hair cut once a week.  This product also makes my nails grow really fast. Now in my early 40’s I still have a full head of healthy hair. It’s thick, full and strong. I can wear any style I want, long or short. I accidentally stumbled on this product online looking for a alternative work out protein that would not make your hair fall out.. I was not looking for something that would make my hair grow I was only looking for something that wouldn’t make my hair fall out. I forget that this is a workout protein, sometimes that gets lost.. whoever made the hair shake is a genius, without it I would be bald living under a hat. 100%" 

mwamba-2.jpgDr Patrick Mwamba- Hair Transplant Physician

Help Hair Shake for African AmericansHelp Hair Shake for Black Hair

This is the back of the head(donor area) of a Dr Mwamba patients who used Help Hair Shake for 8 months. This area was not transplanted.


 Help Hair Shake for African AmericansHelp Hair Shake daily for 8 weeks and LLT.


Courtesy of Barbara Pickens who is a trichologist from South Carolina


Check out Dr Shapiro's interview with Dee Armstrong on NBC TV News. Click here...

Dr Shapiro was  interviewed by Dee Armstrong on NBC TV News.   Click picture for interview.




Adult male, age 20s, used Help Hair® shake for six months as directed.


  Before/after pictures using Help Hair Shake on an African American Watch video of testimonials with before and after pictures


Look at one our Happy Help Hair customers posted online!

Black Hair with special Scalp Problems

Hair care should be available to treat common black hair, and scalp conditions.   Dryness, shedding, breakage and thinning, especially slow growth are possible issues that are a daily problem. 

Sebum removed from the scalp  can cause dryness and damages the hair shaft. Black hair must be moisturized daily because it is  is naturally dry.  But most oils and moisture will trap the sebum that contains DHT snd cause hair loss. Hair care products must remove the sebum but maintain volume such as Help Hair Volumizing Shampoo. Using a secondary conditioner to moisturize African American hair to penetrate the hair shaft. Only  products that are sulfate and paraben free will give the best moisturizing to the scalp and hair since sulfate water based moisturizers will not irritate the skin. Oil products can actually absorb water from tha hair and instead end up drying the skin. Only a high end hair condtioner can soften and soothe the hair such as Help Hair conditoner which will penetrate the hair and hair tips. Other oil products simply coat the hair, giving it shine.

Shedding is a normal daily process up to 100 hairs a day. But more than that amount and that is considered true hair loss. This type of shedding can be caused by daily hormonal changes, poor diet, excessive stress, underlying medical problems or other scalp conditions.

Medical causes of severe shedding can be from iron defiency, fad diets, high fevers, general anesthesia, blood loss, and thyroid problems. If shedding is not reveresed thus can cause generl diffuse thinning. We strongly recommend that you visit one of our Worldwide clinics to find out the underlying cause of your hair loss. 

After giving birth many women lose hair called post pregnancy telogen effluvium. Estrogen drops and the hair starts to shed. Once you have given birth and stopped breast feeding then we recommend using our 4 Step Program to help reverse the effects of this shedding. However after delivery, Help Hair shampoo and Conditoner can help soothe your hair and help penetrtae the scalp and volumize your hair.

Slow growing hair is the number one issue with black hair. Our 4 Step prgram will extend the anagen or growth phase of your hair. Our products are designed to boost your hair and put it back into the growth phase. A longer growth phase not only makes you hair grow fatser but it will look thicker and fuller with lets breakage.

Heat and styling products and harsh chemicals including relaxers can cause breakage. Over processing and straightners can damage the hair follicle. External protein treatments have been known to damage the hair and weigh it down. Harsh shampoos with MSG that break the keratin bonds and strip the hair will make it limp, dry,  brittle and weaken the natural protein. Stopping these products immediately and starting our 4 Step Program to reverse the damage before the hair loss is permanent.

Dandruff and fungus can lead to hair loss. Excessive skin is shed and yeast and fungus can cause scalp itch and cause or aggravate hair loss. Treating the medical problem can help reverse the hair loss.

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