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For questions about specific supplements that cause hair loss call us or email us so that we can check to see if it will slow hair growth.
If you would like to find a Help Hair Clinic in your area we can suggest one or you can go to and check out our list of hair clinics to check your overall hair problems.

We have hair doctors in worldwide countries that have been trained by Dr Shapiro using the Low Anabolic Profile and the Shapiro Chart. By screening properly your overall supplement use you can possibly slow the progression of your hair loss. And the Help Hair 4 step program will be more effective.

Unlike any other product we have a total hair loss plan. Our All Natural products were designed to work together internally and externally to nurture the hair follicle to maximize hair regrowth.

We are constantly updating our research weekly and our blogs give the most current information on all aspect of hair loss. 

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