Help Hair Shake and Help Hair Vitamins are designed with Vitamins for Hair and Nails. Our products are All Natural without any artificial flavors or fillers.

Healthy nails are a good indicator that your hair will grow using Help Hair Shake.

A good measure of the efficacy of Help Hair Shake is improvement in your nails.


Help Hair Vitamins is a specially formulated Hair and Nail Vitamin that contains the proper amount of Biotin for Nails. Biotin is important for hair and nail growth and controls blood sugar. Help Hair Vitamins for Nails contains B-Vitamins and Niacin to help increase circulation and provides the proper support for nail growth.  



Biotin Study

Biotin and Nail Growth!

A study showed the efficacy of biotin:

Subject: [Treatment of brittle fingernails with biotin]. [Z Hautkr. 1989] - PubMed - NCBI

Out of the 45 cases which finally could be evaluated, 41 (91%) showed definite improvement with firmer and harder finger nails after an average treatment of 5.5 +/- 2.3 months. In 4 of the 45 patients (9%), the improvement was questionable. None of the patients considered the treatment altogether ineffective. We conclude that biotin in most of the cases provides an effective therapy also for human patients with brittle nails.

The 4 Step Program

Help Hair Shake and Vitamins

We suggest taking either 1 Help Hair vitamin 2x daily (8-10 hours) apart or for extra protein we suggest taking 1 Help Hair Shake plus 1 Help Hair Vitamin (8-10 hours apart).

Typically our customers can see results in 6-8 weeks with stronger healthier nails. And less breakage.

Help Hair Shake happy client


Poor nail growth can indicate underlying medical conditions that can affect hair growth too and should be diagnosed by a health care practitioner. A simple blood test for thyroid function, anemia, or iron deficiency can determine whether your nails and hair will grow faster and stronger when using Help Hair Shake. We also suggest making sure your thryoid levels are normal because a Low thyroid will cause slow nail growth.

After 4 weeks of using the Shake - either 1 scoop 2x daily or 1 Shake and 1 Help Hair vitamin (8-10 hrs apart)- the nails should be growing at a faster rate and they should be extremely hard. In fact most people state that their nails "can cut glass". The hair will continue to improve with less shedding at 6-8 weeks and stronger, fuller hair at 4-6 months*.

*Results will vary.  


"Help Hair Vitamins made my nails stronger and firmer within 6 weeks! They are wonderful!"

-Elaine S., New York

Help Hair Shake has protein combined with Hair and Nail Vitamins. Protein feeds the nails. Ordinary Hair and Nails Vitamins do not have the protein needed to boost the growth of the nails.