Low Anabolic Profile (LAP)

Understanding the Significance of a Low Anabolic Profile


Please avoid the following Anabolic supplements to maximize the effects of Help Hair Shake® and Help Hair Vitamins 


1)Whey Protein Isolate(WPI) or Whey Protein concentrate  
2) Creatine especially Arginine or Orthonine
3) Growth Hormone 
4)Testosterone patches, gel or  injection
7) Steroids
8) Energy drinks which contain arginine and  high amounts of sugar and caffeine 
9) Glutamine 
10) Avoid all protein drinks while taking Help Hair Shake including egg, casein, soy, hemp protein
11)avoid all soy products and do not mix the shake with soy milk
12)HCG- and other FAD diets. Rapid weight loss can cause hair loss.
13) Bio-indenticals

14) Ashwagandha 

For a complete list of products to avoid with our shake please email us at info@helphair.com.