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​Jimmy Carr popular comedian and tv show host using Help Hair Protein Shake and Vitamins.

Posted by Dr Larry Shapiro is Developer and Founder of Help Hair Shake and Products on

Jimmy Carr popular comedian and tv show host is using Help Hair. Probably the UK’s 

most successful and popular comedian and tv show host is a guy call Jimmy Carr.

He said: "I took a thing like a protein pill. I got the hair transplant and they said, 'You

should take something to make your hair grow'.

"I took this thing called Help Hair – that did – my hair and nails, I was like a lizard, I

could have skitted up the wall.”

He had a hair transplant with Dr Ed Ball, a Help Hair Clinic last May and he mentions

Help Hair on a podcast

Help Hair makes the hair Grow Faster after a hair transplant.

Check out more results....

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