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We are the only Hair Loss product in the world to be recommended by over 400 Worldwide Hair Loss Clinics including Hair Loss Physicians, Hair Transplant Physicians, Board Certified Dermatologists, Trichologists, and Dermatology Physician Assistants and  Dermatology Nurse Practitioners.

Our product is scientifically based and formulated with very the  Best Hair Growth Vitamins and Protein for Hair Regrowth for a tasty Hair Shake promoting Hair Regrowth. Too see our entire list of Participating Help Hair® Clinics go to  Help Hair World Wide Physicians.

screen-shot-2015-12-29-at-11.55.55-am-1.png Check out our list of Worldwide Clinics.

 All our Help Hair® Shake Physicians are trained in Screening for the Low Anabolic Profile, S.H.A.P.I.R.O. Chart and Anabolic Index Rating, and AFR or Accelerated Follicular Restoration (Faster Regrowth after a Hair Transplant).

Help Hair® Certified Clinics:


Help Hair Plaques awarded to Dr Ed Griffin M.D. and Dr Ashley Curtis M.D. in their office in Atlanta.

They were honored with plaques from Help Hair as a Certified Help Hair Clinic. before-after-69-y-o-patient-of-dr-ed-griffin.png

Before /After post-op pictures with Help Hair Shake and Help Hair Vitamins. 69 y/o patient of Dr Ed Griffin from Atlanta, Ga using 1 Help Hair Shake and 1 Help Hair Vitamin daily for 6-6.5 months postop. Patient had less shock loss and faster regrowth. Notice the texture of the hair is improved. Typically regrowth takes 9-12 months. Patient reported losing 14 pounds while using the shake since it is only 75 calories per serving.



Dr Jerry Cooley talks about Help Hair Shake for his patients.   Click to see full video.




Dr Michael Zufelt talks about Help Hair Shake. Click to see full video..





Dr Sean Behnam talks about Help Hair Shake. Click to see full video...



Dr Asim Shamalak from UK  talks about the shake.


Help Hair Australian Distributor at Health Expo    Help Hair Australian Distributor at Health Expo

 Our Help Hair Australian Distributor participated last weekend in a recent Beauty Expo in Australia. 

Check out the booth at #PerthExpo with Dr. Jen Martinick, World Renown Hair Restoration Doctor.

 Dr Martinick had a busy weekend!

 A video of the Help Hair  exhibit was posted on Instagram. Check it out...


Recent Review by Dr Alia Yusof of Help Hair Shake from Perth Australia.  Recent Review by Dr Alia Yusof of Help Hair Shake from Perth Australia.

 Check out a Recent Review by Dr Alia Yusof on Instagram
of Help Hair Shake.


 Help Hair Dinner 2018 with Worldwide Help Hair Doctors in Los Angeles.



0ef9a54d-9967-457f-89c6-7711daa9d15f-large.jpegHelp Hair Dinner in Macon with Dr Arthur Gray M.D.

Dr Gray was honored with a plaque from Help Hair as a Certified Clinic


Help Hair Dinner in Macon with Dr Arthur Gray. Dr Arthur Gray is seen with Dr Larry Shapiro and the SHAPIRO Chart.
We recently trained Dr. Niedbalski and his wonderful staff from North West Hair Restoration of Tacoma, Washington on proper usage of Help Hair Shake and products. Our Certified Clinics have gone the extra mile to give you the most comprehensive Hair Restoration care! 
img-2917.jpg    img-2915.jpg   north-west-hair-restoration.png    


The feedback we received was great and the results the Help Hair Clinics are getting with the Shake are amazing! Our products are sold only through Hair Loss Medical Clinics that are trained by Dr Shapiro. 




Some feedback that was noted when using our Help Hair 4 Step Program includes: 
Help Hair Shake, Help Hair Vitamins, Help Hair Volumizing Shampoo Help Hair Volumizing Conditoner


 1)Reverses Telogen Effluvium(T.E.) within 2-3 months


2)Treats hair loss from diffuse thinning from menopause and post pregnacy T.E.


3)Less shock loss post op for hair transplants


4)Faster regrowth after hair transplants


5)Replaces anabolic work out products with Help Hair Shake


6)Less overall finasteride use


7)Improved donor area when "Preloading" 2 months prior to hair transplant


8)Great with concomitant therapies such as PRP, Acell, LLT- Low Level Laser Therapy


Check out these Youtube videos of several of our Worldwide Help Hair Shake Doctors reviews' on Help Hair Shake. 

 Click here or Click the picture to view the interview

fullsizerender-2.jpg               Look at these amazing before /after pictures of accelerated regrowth after a Hair Transplant.....rsz-fullsizerenderpct2020.jpgrsz-1fullsizerender-51.jpg Patient started Help Hair Shake and regrew after 4.5 months after taking the shake.

 Dr Manuel Benavides Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Hair Transplant

Physician from Bolivia



Dr Jeff Hall- Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 

and Hair Transplant Physician from Austin Texas





Dr Sean Behnam- Board Certified Hair Transplant Physician



Amazing Results from Dr Sean Behram in LA- Fast regrowth post-op with Help Hair shake 2x daily. FUE 2045. 

Typical re-growth post-op is 10-14 months without the shake.


Both transplanted hair and non transplanted hair will improve with Help Hair Shakes and Help Hair Vitamins daily.*  







Help Hair Shake postop 6 months with faster regrowthClick to see entire video....

Amazing Before/After pictures of Dr Sean Behnam, Hair Restoration Doctor and  Certified Help Hair Clinic. Patient has full growth 6 months post-op using Help Hair Shake and Vitamins daily. 


Help Hair® Shake and Help Hair Vitamins for Faster Hair Growth | Participating Help Hair® Shake Physicians 


*Results will vary



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 We have Help Hair Doctors and Help Hair Clinics using our products from All  around the World.

Countries (and States) include USA- Florida, North Carolina, Connecticut, Texas, California, South Carolina, Virginia, Atlanta Georgia, Utah, New York, Massachusetts, Poland, UK, Australia, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Bolivia, Columbia, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, France, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, India, Brasil, Philippines, South Korea






Help Hair® Shake was developed by a World Renown Hairloss Physician with over 26 years experience in Hair Transplantation and Dermatology.  Our product  successfully treated thousands of hair loss sufferers. To see a list Participating Hair Clinics Worldwide go to

We suggest visiting these clinics for further evaluation. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting with any work out or weight loss program. Keep out of reach of children.







Help Hair® Shake and Help Hair Vitamins for Faster Hair Growth | Participating Help Hair® Shake Physicians 


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