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Latest Blog- Pumpkin Seed Good for Hair? Click to our upcoming Conventions. Dr Shapiro lecturing in the UK June 6th. Real before/after picturesSuper Models with Help Hair.  Interviews in Prevention magazineFeatured in the UK Daily Mail.  Published research-Hair Restoration textbook. 

Benefits of Help Hair Shake:

4 Step ProgramThicker, Stronger, Looking, Shinier hair. • Recent studies- Read our research • Doctor Formulated- Recommended by 300 Worldwide Hair Clinics. • Only 75 Calories- Help Hair Shake has no added sugar: Low diabetic index • Non GMO- All Natural, no artificial sweeteners, colors, gelatins or fillers. No MSG. • Made in the USA- under strict FDA guidelines.  • Next day shipping- 3-5 business days (USA packages). We ship worldwide.  • Thousands of satisfied customers. Great Taste!



Help Hair® Shake contains NO SOY, No Xanthum Gum, No MSG, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Sweetners, No Preservatives, No Wheat, No Gluten, No Eggs, No Nuts, No Gelatin,No Fillers and NON GMO. 

Please email us about our  Kosher whey protein Certification at for full product description. 

Help Hair® Shake and Help Hair® Vitamins are made in the USA under strict FDA inspection guidelines. *This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult with a Healthcare professional. 





Science of Helphair®: 

Hair Shake® and Help Hair® Vitamins will make your hair look thicker, shinier, fuller, stronger and diminish shedding. Suitable for thinning hair from:• male pattern baldness • pre or post menopause• post pregnancy• telogen effluvium• general anesthesia• accelerate regrowth (AFR™ or Accelerated Follicular Restoration™) postop• decrease shock loss after hair transplantation• weight loss or fad diets• poor nutrition• anabolic work out products. It is a great supplement when when your life is stressful and you start to lose hair or to replace anabolic weight training products or weight loss programs. Our product has a Low Diabetic Index and can be used with diabetics diets.



Order NOW! 1-561-420-2400. Fuller Thicker Hair in 4-6 months* Call our friendly staff. We strongly recommend that you check out our Do's and Dont's Sheet. Avoid products that can cause Hair Loss. Products such as soy, creatine, DHEA, whey protein isolate, amino acids such as arginine,testosterone and growth hormone can accelerate hair loss. To see a complete list go to ourhandout. The science behind hair loss is important in understanding how to treat it.