Help Hair® Shake Reviews |Reviews for Help Hair® Shake |  Before and After Pictures of hair growth at 4 months.



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Help Hair® Shake is distributed worldwide by Hair loss clinics.

Recently 3 bloggers from Down Under reviewed our product after 3 months.

screen-shot-2016-05-08-at-6.24.41-pm-1.png"A bit of history about my hair. I bleached my hair for the whole of my high school days. My hair was dry, thin and had so many split ends. I stopped bleaching my hair when i was pregnant with my son. Pregnancy took its toll on my hair its self. My hair constantly got thinner and thinner and had no elasticity."


I decided a smoothie was the fastest way i could try the product. This was the recipe i use


  • 1 Scoop of Vanilla Whey Protein
  • 1 Mango
  • 1 cup of mixed berries
  • 2 cups of water


I have just ran out of my last tub. My hair is Amazing! It is 110% more stronger and gained quite a bit of volume! Since using this product, I have cut my hair 3 times because it is growing rapidly.

I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering with their hair thinning and hair loss. This product is a unisex product! Females and males can use the product.

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Another one of our clinics in Australia was following a local Blogger who had thinning hair from her vegeterian diet with very little protein in the diet causing her hair loss. After only 4 months her hair was thicker and fuller using Help Hair® Shake.

 Before taking Help Hair®:

 "I just wasn’t big on meat or fish and preferred my veggies, but as hair is made up of protein and I wasn’t putting enough into my body, my strands abandoned me one by one. Two years on and the final few inches of my thin hair have almost grown out – hence the big chop I’ve recently had, but there’s still a fine inches or two on the ends. I’m never letting my hair get to that state again, so I’ve found help in Help Hair Whey Protein Shake.         read more on the blog.....


 Help Hair Shake Reviews |Reviews for Help Hair Shake |  Before and After Pictures of Hair Growth at 4 months 

After 4 months taking Help Hair®:

THE RESULTS This is the longest time I have ever spent testing a product as it takes 3 months for you to notice results. One tub lasts about 8 weeks, but for men this will be less as their dosage is a full scoop daily, whereas it’s 1/2 a scoop for women. After about 3 months I thought it felt thicker at the root, my boyfriend noticed it looked fuller, and my hairdresser said that it had thickened up more and “holds its shape better”.





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The results!

I am quite lucky in the sense that my hair has always grown fairly quickly and has decent thickness. I do however have it bleached using foils so it does take some looking after.. I get it trimmed regularly, I don’t use heat on it all that often, and I like to use oils and treatments.

However, after using this for 3 months it really blew my mind as it made it grow even faster which was literally an out of control feeling! I had an appointment at the hair dressers a couple of weeks before my wedding for a colour so had to wait it out as I didn’t want it done too early because I would have had to get it done again.. I was actually embarrassed by the growth because there’s trendy ‘balayage’, and then there’s disgustingly long root growth, mine had all of a sudden turned to the latter!

Viva La Blonde, the hair dressers I went to for my colour tend to take before and after photos of their colours for Instagram, and I was so shocked to see the root growth in my ‘before’ photo, I’ll pop it down below so you can actually see! All was well though once the colour was done, and I was SO happy I had used this product leading up to it as my hair looked and felt AMAZING in a fuller, longer way than usual even with good general hair TLC..


17274460-10154092243326642-1184775810-n.jpg               unnamed.jpg


Help Hair® Shake Reviews |Reviews for Help Hair Shake |  Before and After Pictures of Hair Growth at  4 months . We will be following our Perth, Australia Blogger on a regular basis. 




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