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Watch this Video for proper mixing tips. Hair Help is just a step away with our famous recipes. Help Hair Shake is a Protein Shake for Hair Loss. Proper mixing of the Shake and daily use will give maximum results. 

See list of Recipes and frequently asked mixing questions below. To see faster regrowth go to the bottom of the page.

 Douglas S. with some handy mixing tips!

 Our recipes are based on NCBI studies and actual patient feedback to get additional faster regrowth. Typically we see full growth in as little as 5-6 months using just Help Hair® Shake after a hair transplant. We have seen even faster growth after a Hair Transplant in as little as 4 months adding one or two additional ingredients such as capscaicin or caffeine.  But taste is a factor and we suggest that you try a recipe that you will use daily.

These recipes can be used for thinning hair, periods of shedding when under stress, pre or post menopausal thinning or post pregancy telogen effluvium and male pattern baldness.

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Frequently asked mixing questions:

#1 - Can I mix the shake with ice to chill it? 
#1 tip- If you mix the shake with ice you may get bloating 


 #2- Can I heat the shake or microwave it? 

 #2 tip- No You will degrade the protein
#3- How much water should I mix with the shake so it tastes good? 
 #3 tip- Dilute the shake in 12-16 ounces of milk, water etc to adjust the sweetness


 #4- How many servings are in the shake pouch? How do I know how much to put in a glass for a single serving?  

 #4 tip- There are 30 servings per bag. Some settling may occur since this is a whey protein. To get exactly 30 servings per bag we suggest measuring 2 tbsp's or 32 grams by scale per serving.  


#5-  Do I need to refrigerate the shake? 

#5 tip- The shake need not be refrigerated but make sure you keep the Shake in a room temperature no greater than 79-80 degrees


#6 Can I mix the shake with my current whey protein? 

#6 tip No. You will decrease the efficacy of Help Hair Shake.


#7 Can I take more than 2 scoops a day of the Shake?

#7 tip No- if you do you will become anabolic.


#8 I want more protein with the shake. What can I do?

#8 tip- Add peanut butter or yogurt or milk (additional 8gms protein per serving).

#9 I am lactose intolerant and I think the shake may upset my stomach.

#9 tip - Mix the shake with juice and let it dissolve the lactose for an hour before drinking. And start slowly when using the shake. Start the first few days with half a scoop and work up to a full scoop.

#10- I see some dark spots/specs in the shake- 

#10 tip- Those are the Chinese herbs that are ground up. The chrysanthemum flower and  stem is ground up and  since we do not bleach our herbs  with artificial colors it may look dark and. we do not pulverize them completely because it would effect the efficacy of the plant like when you drink a tea. So there may be a very small number of stems in the product.
#11 - the shake is a different texture then last order and does mix as well. 
#11- that is because the whey protein varies though-out the year. Since we do not use artificial flavors or colors or 
 over process the whey it can have a different  consistency at various times in the year.



We suggest reading the Do's and Dont's Handout for more information.






 Help Hair® Shake recipes :


Help Hair® Shake Smoothie:

The Original For Thin Hair

1 heaping scoop Help Hair® Shake
Frozen banana and blueberries
Mix with 12-16 oz of water
1-2x per day



Help Hair Shake with Acai Berries


Help Hair Shake Almond Delight

1 heaping scoop Help Hair®  Shake

Almond drink 12-16 ounces

One of our most popular drinks!


Super Slim Help Hair® Shake

1 heaping scoop Help Hair® Shake
Banana or apple pectin fiber

12- 16 oz of water


Help Hair® Shake All Star Daily Power Workout

1 heaping scoop Help Hair® Shake
Mix with favorite yogurt or peanut butter for extra protein
Mix with 12-16 oz of water
Crushed ice ( ice can cause bloating with some people)
1-2x per day

Coco's Creamy Cooler

For Thinning Hair After Birth - (non-lactating women) or menopause
1 heaping scoop Help Hair® Shake
Fat free yogurt
Apple pectin
Crushed ice
1-2x per day Add some moderate exercise and shed the pounds too!





 A&B Passion Fruit

For a cool refreshing afternoon snack to keep the skin and nails healthy

Add 1 heaping scoop Help Hair® Shake with apple, bananas with crushed ice.



Help Hair® Shake unsual Recipes: 

 Help Hair® Super Speedy Mocha Hair Shake:


1 heaping scoop Help Hair® Chocolate Shake

 1 scoop of instant coffee (80-100mg caffeine)

 Blend with ice and water or milk. Do not heat.

 A small amount of Caffeine has been shown to increase hair regrowth.





Help Hair®  Peppys Hot and Spicy Hair Shake:

 1 heaping scoop Help Hair®  Vanilla Shake

 1/2-1 tsp of crushed chilipeppers. Add slowly to taste.

 Mix with 12-16 oz of water.

1-2x per day

 (If you have a thyroid problem we do not recommend this recipe or weak stomach including gastritis, reflux or any other problems stemming from spicy foods.)






How To Make Hair Thicker, Hair Loss Remedies

 Before/After pictures of patient at 4.5 months after hair transplant with full growth using a combination of the above recipes mixed with Help Hair Shake postop.*


If interested call for exact details.



 We call this Peppy's Spicy Mocha Help Hair® Shake.

 Be careful because not everyone can drink caffeine and chilipeppers. In fact ask your Help Hair clinic or healthcare professional if you can use this recipe. 


Caffeine and chilipeppers alone will not regrow hair without Help Hair® Shake.


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 How To Make Hair Thicker | Hair Loss Remedies | Help Hair® Shake Recipes 


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