The Biological Processes of Hair Loss and Growth  - SHAPIRO Chart 


Unlike any other product. Help Hair Shake and our entire product line is based on over 110 scientific references. Our products were developed based on 1000's of patients feed back. We have developed a product line that feeds your hair internally by restoring the proper protein balance and vitamin support for the hair follicles.

We have recently been published in a Hair Restoration Textbook.


The peer reviewed published paper is very technical. But in a simplified summary it reviews the products that are common every day supplements that can cause hair loss. These supplements are found in your vitamin store or health food store. The paper explains that there is a secondary and tertiary pathway that causes hair loss. Typically in the medical community it is commonly known that testosterone converts to DHT. DHT causes minaturization of the hair follicle. So it has been assumed that blocking this mechanism with a DHt blocker will stop the progression of hair loss. However many muscle builders still have hair loss even while taking DHt blockers. So what is the mechanism that is still causing hair loss.

When you look at the SHAPIRO Chart you see that IGF-1 serum is a secondary pathway that is not blocked by DHT blockers but still causes hair loss. So by following our Low Anabolic Profile you decrease IGF-1 and this allows the Shake and vitamins to help increase the growth phase of the hair follicle/




Click PDF for to read full Scientific paper on Screening for supplements that cause hair loss. 

Low Anabolic Profile to screen for work out products that cause hair loss


 The Science Behind Hair Loss and Hair Growth | SHAPIRO Chart | Low Anabolic Profile Peer Reviewed Published Paper

SHAPIRO Chart and Anabolic Index Rating






Diet and Nutrition play an important role in hair regrowth. But no other  product has a Low Anabolic Protein for the hair except Help Hair Shake. A recent New York Times article shows protein is essential for hair growth. Hair Vitamins alone will not grow hair however they do assist in the bodies absorption of protein for the hair.

Protein is important for the Hair since it adds the amino acids and building blocks to support the structure and function of Hair.

Dr Larry Shapiro, Hair Transplant doctor and Dermatologist has developed Help Hair Shake after treating 1000's of patients for hair loss. He noticed that many patients were losing hair at an accelerated rate from using workout products that raised DHT and IGF-1 levels. After years of research he developed the Help Hair Shake. What Dr Shapiro noticed was that Help Hair Shake was more effective when following a Low Anabolic Profile. If you read the Hand out on this website you will be able to screen for anabolic products and the Shake and Hair Vitamins will be more effective.

Some new studies as reported in the New York Times may be able in the future to grow hair in a petri dish or in lab rats. But it is important to keep the hair you have and maintain it so that it is healthy and full looking. By understanding the root cause of hair loss we can eliminate those products or supplements and nourish the hair with protein which is the purpose of the Help Hair Shake.


The Science Behind Hair Loss and Hair Growth | SHAPIRO Chart | Low Anabolic Profile Peer Reviewed Published Paper

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