Is MSG (hydrolyzed protein) in your Hair products? Is it good for your hair.....

 In Your Hair Products????

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Hydrolyzed protein is in many shampoos and conditoners. Various types of hydrolyzed protein are used as an ingredient. Sources of wheat, soy,oat, silk and corn protein are the most common. Is Hydrolyzed protein the same as MSG and how does it affect your hair?

MSG is the sodium salt of glutamic acid. Glutamic acid is an amino acid, a building blocks of protein. It is found in food that is high in protein, including cheese, meat, poultry, and fish.

Hydrolyzed proteins, developed by the  food industry to enhance flavor, are simply proteins that have been chemically broken apart into amino acids. The chemical breakdown of proteins result in the formation of free glutamate that joins with free sodium to form MSG.

Hydrolyzed protein is used in many shampoos and conditoners. Depending on the type of hair hydrolyzed protein can act as an emollient and film former. The lower the molecular weight, the more they will penetrate your hair and skin. The higher the molecular weight, the more it will form a film.

But unfortunately when we are treating thin hair, hydrolyzed protein can  penetrate the hair and weigh it down. This can cause the hair to be limp and lifeless. So it is important to pick a shampoo or condtioner that does not aggavate thinning hair. 

Also there is evidence that topical hydrolyzed protein in soap causing allergic reactions and sensitization.

Epidemiological link between wheat allergy and exposure to hydrolyzed wheat protein in facial soap.

"This study implicates a possible role of contact exposure to food-derived protein hydrolysates as a risk factor for the development of food allergy manifesting itself as anaphylaxis."

A second study shows that

In conclusion, Protein hydrolysates of hair cosmetics can cause contact urticaria, especially in patients with atopic dermatitis.

When we developed Help Hair Volumizing Shampoo and Help Hair Volumizing Conditioner we made sure we did not use any hyrdolyzed protein. Our products use only hydrating ingredients and the conditoner uses an emollient that keeps the hydration but will not weigh down the hair.

And we have no MSG in Help Hair Shake or Help Hair Vitamins.