10 Fitness Tips to Get Any Beginner Started. Can it impact your hair?

10 Beginner-Friendly Fitness Tips

Did you know that the number one reason people give up on their weight loss aspirations is simply because the results aren't happening quick enough? You can spend years stuffing your belly, so what would make someone think that in a matter of weeks you can undo years a damage? To help all our beginners out we have comprised our top ten beginner tips to get you started.

1. Get Started

The first thing you have to do is just get up and get started. However you decide to train, go all in! That doesn’t mean to do more than you’re capable of at the moment, but rather lose your fear of not seeking out help to get you started. Help could come by way of online personal training or joining a class or two at your local gym.

Nobody has ever gotten anything done or made any changes sitting on the sideline of their own life. Go all in and be humble enough to get help if you know it’s going to be needed. Doctors have doctors, and all dentists have a dentist, remember that. We all need help so never be so scared to seek out help. 

2. Have a Plan

Once you decide on how you’re going to train make sure that you have a written out plan to follow. 

Going into any workout with a detailed plan to follow helps you avoid wasting time and over or under training. Make sure that your plan is not a plan you found online created by an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. You are a beginner and need a plan to help progress. Always have a plan, and never leave home without it! 

3. Follow Through

I know there are going to be days where you’re sore and tired and the last thing on your mind is wanting to workout. When you have these days it’s even more important to complete your daily fitness training so that you begin to develop good habits.

When you have a cough or a runny nose you’re not calling off work for it, same goes with your training. It has to take more than just that to stop you. When fitness becomes a top priority, even on the worst of days you have to find a way to get your workout in and make it a good one.  

4. Have Scheduled Rest Days

Some people get started and love it so much they never take a day off until they're forced to by injury, whereas others take too many days off because simply they can. The way to properly rest is by one of two ways.

Scheduled rest days are great because that means you have to have scheduled workouts which is a good thing. Two, three, or four day splits with a rest day is needed and having a rest day is important. The second way is listening to your body. If your extremely sore and tired than take a day of regardless if it’s planned or not.  

5. Get a Gym Partner

Having a gym partner is a great way to decrease your chances of getting injured by having a daily spotter you trust, and improve your workout intensity. I don’t care who you are we all train a bit harder when you are working out with someone else.

The biggest advantage to having a gym partner is you’re less likely to skip a workout knowing you have a partner waiting for you to show up. Make sure you only train with people who are as serious about fitness as you are. "Iron sharpens iron," remember that when selecting a partner. 

6. Watch YouTube

I know this is the last thing you’ll probably expect to hear but watching YouTube exercise channels can teach you a few things you may not have known being a beginner. YouTube has a ton of exercise channels to watch. Just be sure to question everything and take no tips at face value until you do your research first.

Although many channels have great intentions at heart bad advice can hurt. Just be sure to research all the tips you get for yourself. At the very least you’ll get motivated to train by finding some great training videos.   

7. Always Include Cardio

Cardio is very important so try not to get caught up in just weight lifting all the time. Include cardio after your lifts or first thing in the morning to start your day. Cardio has many wonderful benefits that include fat loss, improved circulation, strengthens our heart, and improved cardiovascular endurance and performances with all things.   

8. Switch Things Up

I believe in switching your training program up every two weeks. Never allow your body to fully adjust to your workouts. Too often beginners give up during that fifth week because weight loss slows down and their programs become boring.

To solve that problem just switch things up constantly. Change your training program to adapt and stay ahead of your progress, that’s how you get better results and avoid injury and boredom.   

9. Don’t Expect Quick Results

You’re going to get results, that much is bound to happen. Try not to go into this expecting too much too quickly. Rome wasn’t built in a day is all I can say. Set goals. Short-term and long-term goals help you put an appropriate time table on the fitness expectations you have for yourself.  

10. Have Fun

Fitness is fun! Watching your body go through changes and your health improving is so much fun. Set challenges for yourself and take lots of pictures as reminders of how far you have come. Before you know it you’re going to feel responsible to help people you care about get healthy too. When your results and hard work spreads to others it’s a rewarding feeling.

Written by Jermaine Jefferson of www.jljfitness.com