5 Tips for Beautiful Skin and hair

Discover Your Best Skin: 5 Expert Tips

Who doesn't want to look their best? Follow these proven beautiful tips for beautiful skin!

1. Sleep!

Let’s start with the first and foremost important beauty tip that everyone needs, sleep! Even though everyone says you only need eight hours of sleep, we absolutely disagree. Try to shoot for 10-12 hours a night. Let’s be honest, we love staying up late. Especially if you have children you will understand, we enjoy our quiet time and tend to stay up later than we should. If you get 12 hours of sleep a night you are golden, but at least shoot for 10. Just getting adequate sleep will make you look much younger.

2. Massage Your Face and Scalp!

You heard us, massage that pretty face! After washing your hands, lightly and gently with a lotion or facial oil apply pressure and massage your face right before bed. You will start to notice your face looking more plump and younger. This is an absolute must, but make sure not to do it too harshly. If you do it too harshly your skin will become dry and irritated.

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Drink water on the daily. Skip sweet drinks such as sodas, sweetened juices, and milk especially. The hormones in the milk aren’t the best for the skin, or your body. Almond milk is a must have alternative for your calcium needs, and has no added hormones. Coffee in the morning is okay, but most definitely not too much. Caffeine really dehydrates the body and can make your skin look dull and tired.

4. Do Not Touch Your Face!

Do not touch your face except when applying your makeup. Do not ever! We often do not realize how dirty our hands are and how often we tend to touch our face. Spreading oils and dirt all over our face can make your face breakout much worse. So try to make it a habit to not touch your face.

5. Moisturize and Use the Proper Shampoos for Hair Growth and Conditioning!

Lotion up your skin, preferably with an anti-aging cream. No matter if you are in your early twenties or late twenties, it is never too early to start with an anti-aging cream. Although, some beauty experts say lotion does not combat aging, we whole heartedly disagree. Lotion softens the skin, and allows it to relax during movement. Harsh, dry, skin uses more work to move, and tends to crease more. So even if you are not using an anti-aging cream, at least use a lotion. Always make sure to have an added SPF.

We hope you enjoyed our top beauty regimen tips, now get to work!

Written by Sarah Elle of feroshchick.com
Sarah Elle, CEO Ferosh Chick.com