A Note from Dr Shapiro about the Corona Virus:

A Message from Dr. Shapiro Regarding the Coronavirus

A Note from Dr. Shapiro about the Corona Virus:

We understand you probably feel overwhelmed with all of the 

uncertainties concerning the Corona Virus. Let us offer you some tips on 

how to stay nourished and healthy during this time.

When stocking up pantries for your family, we want to make sure our

community has easy access to all of our protein shakes, vitamins and 

protein bars.

Read about 4 useful tips while you are at home to deal with the Corona 


1. Stay in shape! Exercise is a great way to help remove stress and boost overall 


Stress relief is important during this time. Going for a walk, watching 

exercise and yoga youtube videos, and running on a tread mill can help reduce stress.

2. Maintain nutrition! Good nutrition is vital in ensuring you are obtaining 

fresh fruits ands vegetables is key. Processed foods and over-eating 

should be avoided as much as possible. Help Hair

products are food-based and have a long shelf life. If you are

stocking up your pantry, our protein shakes, and protein bars 

are a great product to include in your daily routine.

3. Stay Social! We are all social animals. With restaurants, schools, 

and offices closing, isolation can occur. Social distancing is important to 

prevent the spread of the coronavirus, so with all of the  technology 

available try FaceTiming your friends. Social media can help you 

engage in quality time with friends and distant family,

4. Go Outside! - Just because we have to perform social distancing does 

not mean we cannot got outside. Sunshine is important for immunity. 30 

minutes of sunshine a day is a great source of Vitamin D.

A Recent journal article was published:

6 Ways to Arm Your Immune System to Fight

Coronavirus explaining how certain vitamins such B, D, Zinc as can 

boost your immune system to protect against the Corona virus.

Our shakes, vitamins and Nuts4hair are packed with great healthy 

vitamins and protein. One pouch is 30 servings or a month supply (when 

used once a day).

Our product has 100% daily of B12, B5, Folic, Zinc, Manganese, Iodine 

and more....

In terms of food safety and processing procedures, all of our facilities

follow strict health and hygiene processes according to the FDA. 

Thank you for your continued trust in Help Hair.

Let’s take care of each other and calmly navigate this 

time together.