Are Raw Green smoothies good for Hair Growth?

Raw Green Smoothies: A Boost for Hair Growth

Research on the subject and patient feedback gives us good insight. Raw Green smoothies usually contain spinach, kale, and cruciferous plants such as collards greens.  Avoiding your raw smoothie especially when using it with Help Hair Shake will increase the efficacy of the shake. Raw greens including cruciferous plants  are high in oxalates. Several studies show that oxalates affect the thyroid causing or aggravating hypothyroidism. A low active thyroid can cause hair loss.

 These findings support the hypothesis that the occurrence of calcium oxalate crystals in normal human thyroid is associated with a low functional state of the thyroid follicles.

Another study showed.

We found that high consumption of cruciferous vegetables was associated with thyroid cancer among women with low iodine intake (OR = 1.86; 95% CI: 1.01-3.43 for iodine intake <96 microg/day). The high consumption of cruciferous vegetables among Melanesian women, a group with mild iodine deficiency, may contribute to explain the exceptionally high incidence of thyroid cancer in this group.

Many times boiling or cooking the the raw greens can disrupt the oxalates and we suggest pouring off the water that the vegetables are cooked in.

Green vegetables are great but cooking them is even better! Especially if you have a low thyroid or history of thyroid problems in your family.

Maintaining a healthy thryoid maintains healthy hair!

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