Can All the Stress from the Corona Virus cause Hair Shedding? Can we reverse it.

Corona Virus cause Hair Shedding

Can All the Stress from the Corona Virus cause Hair 


Can we reverse it?

Covid-19 has played havoc with our lives.

Uncertainty with our jobs, family,  and health.  Not knowing when we will be able to go back to 


Children not attending schools and trying to stay safe during these stressful times with the latest 

news and updates on the Covid-19 virus.

During these stressful times our bodies can react in ways we do not notice immediately.

Long term stress has impact on our health and can impact even our hair health.

One of the ways our hair reacts is by shedding above what we consider normal shedding.

Normal shedding is between 50-100 hairs a day. Some 

doctors say it could be as high as a 150 hairs a day.

If you are home and not washing every day it is may not be noticeable. Since you may not  brush 

your hair daily or wash your hair daily or even every other day. Shedding does not occur immediately from stress. 

It usually shows up to 2-6 months after the stress has occurred to the body and is gradual so you do not notice the 

hair loss or thinning until your are in the midst of it.

But lets not forget that hair loss and shedding can be caused by a number of different reasons, 

including stress, diet change, hormonal fluctuations and underlying health conditions. Keeping that in mind it is

always important to check with your GP if you think something’s up.

How to combat shedding and maintain great hair health?

Keeping up with your vitamins is essential in preventing excessive shedding. Calcium (broccoli, 

milk), Iron (red meat, spinach), and Protein (meat, nuts, cheese) are crucial in preventing 

shedding! They enrich our blood, and ensure proper hair growth. Eat well and take supplements.

Our shakes, vitamins and Nuts4hair are packed with great healthy vitamins and protein. One 

pouch is 30 servings or a month supply ( when used once a day).

Here is a recent 2017 NCBI study showing the importance of 

Diet and hair loss: effects of nutrient deficiency and supplement use

"Nutritional deficiency may impact both hair structure and hair growth. Effects on hair growth include acute telogen effluvium (TE), a well-known effect of sudden weight loss or decreased protein intake [1], as well as the diffuse alopecia seen in niacin deficiency [2]. Studies have also reported potential associations between nutritional deficiency and chronic TE, androgenetic alopecia (AGA), female pattern hair loss (FPHL), and alopecia areata (AA) [3,4]."

Telogen Effluvium (TE) presents itself with shedding. By making sure that supplements 

are used on a regular basis including protein we want to reverse the impact of TE.

Our Help Hair Shakes and vitamins have 100% daily of B12, 

B5, Folic, Zinc, Manganese, Iodine plus they have Protein and