Do Weight Loss products cause hair loss?

Potential Hair Loss Side Effects of Weight Loss Aids

5 months on Help Hair Shake after Hair Transplant- Patient lost 55lbs as snack replacement with a good workout routine. 


Many weight loss products cause hair loss. But what is the cause of the hair loss? Typically rapid weight loss within a short period of time can shock the hair. Starving the cells can decrease the proper nutrients that bathe the hair follicle and nourish them. Diet plans that stimulate the body with herbs such as ginseng, giko biloba or adrenal replacement can increase the thyroid and over stimulate causing shedding and damage the hair causing telogen effluvium and possibly permament hair loss. Products that are anabolic and stimulate IGF-1 may decrease body fat but also increase Testosterone, Free T, and DHT levels. Fad diets such as juicing can change the metabolism and sometimes juices can increase the blood glucose levels shocking hair follicles casuing hyperinsulemia again increasing IGf-1 serum.

HCG touted to lose inches on the waste increases Testosterone and DHT levels. HCG is injected and ads state lose inches off the waste line. But these weight loss products adversly impact your hair.

Surigical bands have a big impact on weight loss but many nutrients are improperly absorbed and the hair suffers. We must remember that hair shows shock up to 6-8 months later. So the consumer must be aware that the effects of weight loss treatment can appear months later and they may not make the immediate connection between their diet and thinning hair.

So what is the proper cause of action for patients who want to lose weight but do not want to lose their nice head of hair.

First- Lose weight slowly over a period of time. 1-2 pounds per week. A good plan with small multiple portions during the day will stabilize blood sugar and this leads to lower insulin levels which leads to less hunger pains.

Can Help Hair shake be used as a weight loss plan?

Help Hair Shake has 75 calories per serving, minimal fat content and we use all natural sugars. We have no high fructose corn syrup, added sugars or artificial sugars. By taking the shake in the morning and our Help Hair Vitamins 8-10 hours later we are stabilizing the blood sugar levels during the day which helps with hair regrowth by lowering insulin levels and IGF-. Lower insulin levels decrease the appetite and the feeling of being hungry all the time.

Many patients use the shake as a modified breakfast replacement or after dinner as a snack replacement and they decrease their total calories during the day. Weight loss of 1-2 lbs a week can be achieved without the rapid weight loss of fad diets or stimulants.

However our product will not by itself cause weight loss. Only if it replaces a snack because we have no added stimulants and no artificial sweeteners or colors. So if you do not want to lose weight you will not shed pounds but the fact that it has only 75 calories and if you want a healthy treat that replaces a 300 calorie piece of cake it makes sense to use our Help Hair Shake and Help hair Vitamins. And by using it with a work out regiment you will end up losing fat without the shedding caused by many work out products.