Get Clear Skin and Beautiful Hair with Flaxseed and Flaxseed Oil.

While there are several known for their beauty benefits - olive oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil, etc., flaxseed oil - which is popularly known to cleanse the body from within - is also used topically to get a smooth and clear complexion.

It not only detoxifies your body from within, but it also helps clear blemishes, reduce acne scars and pigmentation marks. Here are a few advantages of applying flaxseed oil.

Flaxseed and Flaxseed oil heals your skin and hair.

This is the season when you experience dry and itchy skin. Due to its high inflammatory index, flaxseed oil helps minimize skin irritation, redness and inflammation of any sort. Skin rashes diminish with topical application. If you are suffering from any sort of chronic skin conditions like persistent acne, rosacea or dermatitis, you can always take a drop of flaxseed oil on your finger and apply it with the tip of your finger on the affected area and blend it in.

Flaxseed oil moisturizes your skin

Another benefit of flaxseed oil is that it moisturizes your skin and hydrates it from within.  The essential fatty acids in flaxseed oil smoothens your skin's appearance and makes it super soft. You can either apply flaxseed oil on its own or maybe mix it with a bit of a light-weight moisturizer and apply it evenly on your face before you retire for the night.

Flaxseed oil gives you an even skin tone

Constant exposure to sunlight and everyday stress takes a toll on your skin. To ensure that you have smooth, clear skin, take a few drops of flaxseed oil on your palm and rub it for a few minutes to warm it. Then, massage your face with your palm for a few minutes. You can either wash it off with lukewarm water or keep it on for the entire night to give you a radiant, glowing skin when you wake up in the morning.

Flaxseed oil reduces dark circles

Another advantage of applying flaxseed oil is that it helps reduce dark circles considerably. Just a week of applying flaxseed oil under your eyes, will give you a clear skin around the eyes and make the area look brighter.

Other benefits of flaxseed oil

Apart from clearing your skin, flaxseed oil also works as a cleanser for your body. If consumed on a daily basis, it clears your system, leaving you with a radiant, hydrated and a clean complexion.

Flaxseed oil prevents skin cancer

While flaxseed oil is great to apply on an everyday basis, one of the reasons why beauty professionals around the world prefer this oil is because of its reputation of fighting free radicals. These free radicals prevent `oxidative damage'. By including flaxseed in your diet, you can fight the free radicals which develop because of the constant exposure to sunlight and the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Flaxseed oil clears bowel movements

One of the greatest advantages of flaxseed oil is that it helps your digestive system to function properly and smoothly. A spoonful of flaxseed early in the morning along with a glass or two of lukewarm water will keep your system clean and will help your food to digest better through the day.

Written by Michael R Minarsich of
Michael R Minarsich has been involved in the integrative supplement industry for close to 30 years and is responsible for bringing the first cold pressed, organic flax products to the US in 1987. He also was a partner in publishing the first english tran