Grove's Tasteless Chill HairTonic- inventors span centuries

The Evolution of Grove's Tonic

Grove's Tasteless Chill TonicLast weekend Help Hair Shake particpated at the NCDA convention in Asheville North Carolina. The amazing 102 year old  hotel was built by E. W. Grove who  invented a tasteless Chill Tonic. In 1878 he suspended quinine in liquid syrup form. The tonic was an overnight sensation and a household name for decades.

 Grove’s Paris Medicine Company was not as a cure, but relieved chills and fever of  malaria. The tonic was made of Quinine, cinchonine and cinchonidine  extracted from powered cinchona bark. The active ingredients in Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic made the bitter taste more palatable adding sugar and lemon flavorings.

More bottles of Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic were sold than bottles of Coca-Cola. By 1890 the British army made it standard issue for every soldier going off to mosquito infested lands.

Taken as directed, the tonic was equally good for adults and children. 

Inventors span centuries and their quest to help the public makes it fascinating to see the effects of a tonic to help alleviate their symptoms. Help Hair Shake is an All Natural shake that has proven effects on hair loss. We continue to strive and improve upon the science of hair loss to alleviate the "symptoms". Perhaps 100 years from now they will look back when there is a cure for baldness and realize that Help Hair Shake did in fact help millions of people too.