How to Choose a Hair Extension Stylist

Types of Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions have been rapidly increasing in popularity. They offer the promise of long, thick luxurious hair but before you run out the door to get them, you want to do your homework.

With many stylists working out of their homes to provide this service it is crucially important that you get someone that knows what they are doing to avoid hair loss and problems in the future. Here are a few things you should consider before booking your appointment.

1. Does your stylist wear their own hair extensions?

This is a big clue as to whether or not your stylist stands behind their product. Ask if they wear hair extensions and how long they have been wearing them. This will tell you whether or not they have experience handling and caring for extensions and if they know what problems or issues you might run into. If they have been wearing them for years chances are they have been installing them for close to that amount of time. They should be able to guide you through any concerns you may have.

2. Does your stylist offer free consultations?

Your stylist should be willing and happy to meet with you beforehand to discuss the specifics of your hair and options. Everyone is different and every experience with hair extensions will be different. A consultation can sometimes be necessary to get a feel for what the wearer is trying to accomplish, answer any questions, ease any concerns and discuss any past experiences. Having this information will help the stylist give you the best possible experience and they should be eager to discuss this information with you. Do to time constraints and travel you may not want to nor have time to book a consultation. If this is the case is the stylist asking you these types of questions when you do contact them?

3. Have you been referred to a stylist by a friend or colleague?

People usually refer others only when they are happy with the service they received. If someone has referred you, chances are that they think you will enjoy the product or service. This is also great because it allows you to see the stylists work beforehand.

4. Does your stylist have a website? And if so is it good? Do they offer before and after pictures?

A well thought out and informative website shows that the stylist takes their work serious and is knowledgeable about their product and service. It also allows you to see before and after pictures of their work and get answers to your questions. Stylists should be proud to showcase their work and should have taken the time to provide you with important information. Having a wide range of before and after pictures will allow you to see what they are capable of. Look to see if there are pictures of someone with hair similar to the length and texture of your own hair.

5. Does your stylist have a physical location?

Be weary of those who only offer travel service. Travel service can be a nice alternative for those who do not own a car but travel service also means the stylist cannot be located and therefore may be difficult to find if a problem arises. Travel service should include a travel fee as it requires the stylist time and effort to pack and drive to you. The reality is that hair extensions require proper tools which can difficult to lug around. If they are offering travel service to anywhere without a fee you should be asking questions about why they are looking for business outside their market area.

6. How professional is your stylist?

Your stylists should be friendly and accommodating to your needs. They should be confident in theirt services and fully explain the product they are using. Check that their space is clean, well set up and professional looking. They should have lots of tools, accessories, hair and a professional chair. These will give you clues as to how established a stylist is what kind of pride they take in their art.

7. What product do they use?

If your stylists is offering a no name brand of hair extensions the chances are very high that the hair is cheap and poor quality. You should be able to look up facts about the brand of hair they are using.

Questions that you can ask them to ensure you are getting a quality product are:

How long does the hair last for?
Any good quality hair has a minimum lifespan or 4-5 months. Best qualities of hair last for a year or more.

What percentage of cuticle remains on the hair after processing?
Many cheap brands of hair have ZERO percent of the cuticle remaining after processing. Meaning that after a week or two of wear the hair will tangle and matt. Good quality hair has around 70 % remaining and excellent quality hair has the full 100% left. You will want to look for terms like European hair, Cuticle Correct Hair or Virgin hair to make sure you are getting the best of the best.

Following these tips will allow you to choose your extension stylist with confidence and will help guarantee that you will get those long lovely locks that you always wanted.

Written by Melanie Forsbrey of
Melanie is the creator of Hair Flair Extensions, a full service hair extension company with locations across South-Western Ontario. Not only does she service thousands of customers a year but also provides training courses in hair extension application an