How to Eat to Eliminate Toxins from Your Body

How to Eat to Eliminate Toxins from Your Body

With the list of chemicals and toxin we are exposed to in today's world, our bodies need help! There is enough proof showing the toxic levels in our bodies is directly related to the diseases we are fighting as a society. Our protocol is customized to produce precise types of cleansing and detoxification.

Cleansing once a year, or even ance a month, is no longer enough. Eliminating toxic build up in our organs should be your first and highest priority.

Today, chemicals are used in every stage of food production. Pesticides number in the thousands. Hundreds of millions of pound are sprayed on farmlands every year!

Weeds are killed with herbacides. Fungicides are used on the fields to control fungus diseases, as well as in transport and storage to reduce rot.

Fumigants are used to kill larva and insects in stored foods. As with all forms of chemical dependency, chemical farming is a short term solution. Despite initial increased yields, how can we continue to justify the pollution of our earth and water, and the soil erosion resulting from 'modern' farming methods.

Buying "certified" organically grown foods is your guarantee that the food was truly grown or produced according to specific guidelines. When we consider the overwhelming environmental problems facing our children as they grow to adulthood we often feel hopeless and despair of improving the situation.

However, our consumer dollar is the most powerful tool we have, and where and what we purchase decides future food production practices.

Eliminating toxins from our diet and our bodies starts with choosing the right food you consume everyday. Showing your support to the organic industry by purchasing organic food and supplements, not only helps to bring high prices down but it is the best way you can start to eliminate toxins form your body.

Written by Lecksley Gunnis of
Natural Health Consultant and Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor.