How to Make Protein Shakes To Help You Gain Weight. Can it impact hair?

Protein Shake Tips for Weight Increase

Technically, a traditional protein shake does not help you gain weight. It’s the ingredients you add to the regular protein shake that can help you gain weight. For example, if your protein shake has 200 calories, by the end of 12 months, you would have gained about 9.5 kilos assuming your lifestyle does not change.

How to Make Protein Shakes To Gain Weight

If you buy commercially prepared, sweetened protein shakes, the chances are pretty high that they contain more calories than the simple protein shake. You can do this if you want but a better choice would be to make your own so you know exactly what goes into your protein shake.

Step 1 Start with the protein.

Choose your protein. You have choice between buying ready-made protein powder or you can cook your own or buy fresh produce. Protein can be found in eggs, chicken, fish, yogurt, cereal, whole grain, oatmeal, corn, rice, nuts, fruits, seeds, legumes, beans, and soy, to name a few. As you can see, there are choices for those who eat meat, fish, and those who are vegetarians.

The poor sources of protein are plantains, yams, sweet potato, and cassava. These food items have anywhere between 0 to 2% protein only.

Step 2 Decide on your add-on

Some of your choices to add to your simple protein shake are fruits, water (this can dilute the strong protein powder taste), milk, ice, chocolate powder, sugar, yogurt, and juice. All these add-on have the potential to help you gain the weight you need

Step 3 Adjusting the mix to suit your taste

Here are a few tips you can refer to if you encounter problems with your protein shake.

If the shake is too thin (more liquid and not enough thickness), add some ice cubes, pudding, banana, or frozen fruit.

If the shake is too thick, add more liquid. You can also cut back on the protein powder which generally has thickeners. Another choice would be to mix your protein sources with part liquid, part solid, and part powder.

If you want a creamier shake, try adding some full cream milk or instant pudding mix.

If your shake is clumpy and not dissolving well, change the way you mix the shake. Start with the liquid and ice and blend well. Then slowly add the rest of the ingredients making sure that you don’t just dump them all at once. If this does not work and you are using protein powder, change the brand.

If you are not gaining enough weight from the protein shake, add more natural sugar, use full cream, try some sweetened cocoa, syrup, and most important of all, eat 3 meals a day. The protein shake is a supplement to your weight gain diet. It cannot be used to replace your regular meals.

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