Is Casein a good source of protein for hair? How does it compare to whey protein.

Is Casein a Good Source of Protein for Hair?

What is the true composition  of casein? I am sure we all remember Little Miss Muffet who was eating her curds and what we refer to as whey. These are  two important proteins are found in milk. Whey protein is the fluid or liquid part of  the milk which when removed leaves  the curd or casein the solid part. The curds from the milk are used for cheese making.

 According to the ISSN, whey and casein have the greatest bioavailability when compared to other proteins.(Campbell et al., 2007;)."

Casein is water insoluble and coagulates, resulting in a slow-release mechanism of amino acids that is sustained at increased levels in the body for a longer period of time (Campbell et al., 2007;). 

This study concluded that there was no difference in overall performance gains between the two proteins.

We get the posed question constantly at Help Hair Shake. Whey and Casein are extremely good for muscle building. However Casein has a greater affect upon IGF-1. Another study was done which  compared whey protein and casein. The casein protein showed elevated levels of IGF-1, and  the whey protein showed increased levels of insulin.

Help Hair Shake and whey protein versus casein protein causing hair loss

Our extensive research  using the SHAPIRO Chart has shown increased levels of  serum IGF-1 leads to increased levels of hair loss. Whey protein has  benefited muscle development and the addtional benefit of hair growth. We should mention that whey protein isolate can cause hair loss. For more information on whey protein isolate click here.