Is Organic Food Good For Hair Growth: Sustainability and Health Impact

Organic food started to hit the mainstream in the early 2000's. Most people thought it would be a fad but who knew it would become a incredible force in the United States food industry.

History of Organic Food

It's important to consider that before the use of chemicals and pesticides in the 1940's, everything was organic. It just wasn't called organic because there was no reason to give it a name. Before 1940, there was no competition for the non-chemical food structure. But then, around 1940, everything changed.

What researchers found was that certain dangerous toxins could grow plants and food at alarming rates. They thought, "Wow, we could end world hunger." But this is not what happened. 

At the time, researchers did not know the damage that was being done to humans ingesting toxins and what it was doing to our soil. We now all know that we would never want to drink or ingest any of these horribly dangerous chemicals. But what is it doing to the soil of America?

Herbicides and Pesticides

Some herbicides and pesticides can actually sterilize the soil, meaning they destroy all the wonderful beneficial nutrients in the soil. In soil science, we know that the soil is so important and it is actually alive. Once chemicals are added to healthy soil, automatically everything in the small soil ecosystem gets thrown off.

Now, more chemicals are needed to keep the circle of life happy. Actually "happy" is taken out of the equaltion because your once healthy soil is far from happy. It is unbalanced and now in need of chemical after chemical to continue achieve a healthy balance. 

Is Organic Food Here to Stay? 

One of the major viable reasons organic and organic food is here to stay is because we are now taking care of the soil as it wants to be taken care of. If you don't aid the soil, it will rebel against you and fighting against nature means you will always lose. Eat organic and protect the soil of America!

Written by Kyle Upchurch of
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