Protein Shake Recipes for hair growth

You can consider protein shakes as diet supplements which are rich source of protein. Homemade protein shakes are low-caloric, healthy substitute of snacks and full day meals. Protein powders are of different types to be used. One of the most common is Whey Protein powder. Whey protein is rich in amino acids and your body absorbs whey protein easily and quickly in itself. For vegans, they can use soy protein for a healthy kick in milk shakes. For those who are intolerant to lactose, they can use egg whites for protein. So, have a look on some easy and fast protein shake recipes you must try.

Healthy Protein Shake Recipes

1. Banana Shake: Blend 2 scoops of protein powder of vanilla flavor, one banana of medium size, 8 Oz of soy milk, 1 tbsp of almond mix, 1 tsp of golden syrup, 4 or 6 ice cubes, and a couple of drops of vanilla essence in a large electric blender. In this shake, you will get a healthy kick of energy with no fat and less calories.

2. Orange Creamsicle Shake: To make this protein shake, blend 2 scoops of protein powder of vanilla flavor, orange juice (8 Oz.), banana (half), 1 tsp of vanilla extract, 4 to 6 ice cubes, two or three strawberries and 2 packs of artificial sweetener in a large blender.

3. Wild Berry Shake: Blend 7 to 8 raspberries, protein powder of vanilla flavor (2 scoops), 4 strawberries, non fat milk (16 Oz), 14 to 15 blueberries, and ½ cup of ice cubes in full size blender. Not only loads of protein, you can get vitamins in bulk from this protein shake.

4. Cinnamon Roll Shake: Blend 1 tbsp of fast pudding which is sugar free, 2 scoops of protein powder (vanilla flavor), ½ tsp of vanilla extract, cinnamon of ¼ teaspoon, artificial sweetener (1 packet), 8 Oz. of low-fat milk, couple of drops of butter extract and 4 ice cubes in a large blender.

5. Energy Rich Strawberry Shake: Blend 8 to 10 strawberries, 10 Oz. of water, 1 tbsp of flaxseed oil, one scoopful of protein powder of any flavor, ½ tsp of vanilla extract, and 3 ice cubes. You can get extra boost of energy from flaxseed oil. Strawberries can be substituted with other fruits.

6. Chocolate Protein Shake with Peanut Butter: Blend 2 scoops of protein powder of chocolate flavor, 12 Oz. of no-fat milk, 2 tbsp of no-fat vanilla flavored yogurt, peanut butter of 1 tbsp, 2 tbsp of hazelnut coffee, 1/8 cup of toppings of caramel ice-cream and 10 ice cubes in a large sized blender.

Tips & Suggestions • Feel free to use different combinations of fruits like raspberries with blueberries or bananas and strawberries. According to the taste preference of your children or budget, you can use soy milk or plain milk. Frozen or fresh berries work wonder. You can customize ingredients and quantity according to your taste. • Protein shakes shouldn’t be the replacement for meals. They are supplemental. So don’t use citrus fruits with any dairy product. Don’t add raw eggs.

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