Raw Hemp Food: Exploring the Nutritional Power of Hemp

Raw Hemp: A Nutritional Revolution

Hemp seeds are commonly referred to as super foods because they are a great source of delicious proteins and the 3 essential fats needed by the body as well as insoluble fiber. Used in the form of protein powders, seeds; rope, clothing and paper fiber or even oils, raw hemp has many uses and benefits. Moreover, the plant is sustainable in addition to being nutritious and beneficial.

Raw hemp food requires minimal digestion (the protein it contains do not have enzyme inhibitors) and can be used to treat diseases of the nervous system, constipation, diseases of the heart, autoimmune disorders and arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Helps to lower the levels of cholesterol in the blood in addition to reducing an individual’s risk of developing a heart attack. Some of the benefits of hemp include reduction in the risks associated with degenerative diseases, reducing pain brought about by menstrual cramps and eliminates the signs and symptoms of PMS. It nourishes dry hair and skin (omega 3 hemp oil is an effective moisturizer); improves the function of body immunity, organs and hormonal balance; increases the metabolic rate, muscle recovery after a workout, endurance and energy.

It is heart friendly, lowers sugar cravings as well as the level of LDL cholesterol in blood; omega 3 activates fat-burning genes and EFAs contained in raw hemp food helps in the development of the eyes, adrenals, brain, ovaries, testes and cell membranes. It is also free from glutens and GMOs and can be used as an allergen.

Written by Brad Irvin of www.hippiebutter.com
Brad Irvin is the Chief Hemp Officer at Hippie Butter, the hemp seed company that offers hemp seed food, hemp seed butter and hemp skin care. Use coupon code BOOSTSUITE™ at checkout to get free shipping.