Top 10 Fruit Trees for Year Round Fruit and a Healthier Lifestyle and Great for hair

Top 10 Fruit Trees for Year-Round Wellness and Luscious Hair

Try the below list of fruits for a healthier happier lifestyle.

These fruit trees have been selected for their nutritional value, productivity, and heartiness, and work best in warm locations.

1. Tropical Guava

Very hearty tree bearing 2-3 crops a year. Fruit is versatile and may be used for fresh eating, jellies, juice, or dried. Extremely high Vitamin C count. Soothing to the stomach. Winter, Summer, Spring Harvest.

2. Minnie Royal and Royal Lee Cherry

These sister trees boast white blossoms followed by loads ofbright red to deep purple fruits. Deciduous Stone fruit Cherries areBing quality but with the added advantage of coming in April instead of June/July. Spring Harvest

High in Vitamin C which is great for hair.

3. Anna Apple

This apple tree is a longtime California favorite with two crops per year and is a great pollinator for many other apple varieties. Fruit may be eaten fresh or used for baking. Spring and Fall Harvest.

4. Red Baron Peach

A delicious mid-summer peach with the most intense electric red blooms. Super yummy yellow peach. Summer Harvest.

5. Mango

Mango is easy to grow with well draining soil, and lots of heat. Mango is delicious and packed with nutrition. Can be used in all cooking dishes, smoothies, fresh eating, juice, or dried. Summer Harvest.

6. Avocado

Although this tree can be fussy when young, Avocado is pretty much a must have in sunny SoCal. Used for everything from ice cream to guac, Avocado has all the good fats your body needs and lots of Vit K for hair and nails. Long harvest period of up to 8 months. Spring/Summer/Fall Harvest. Lots of vitamins for hair.

7. Pomegranate

Pome is tough as nails, drought tolerant, and extremely good for you. Beautiful colors and fast growing tree. Fall Harvest. Also high in Vitamin C which is great for hair growth.

8. Pluot

Pluot is a hybrid fruit created from one quarter apricot and three quarters plum. This combination has produced an amazingly delicious, juicy colorful fruit that everyone who tries it loves. This is a highly productive mid summer fruit and may be pollinated by any plum. colors range from bright green to orange, red speckles over deep purple to yellow. Many different varieties exist including, Emerald Drop, Flavor Grenade, and Splash. Summer Harvest.

9. Strawberry Guava

Strawberry guava is a small bushy tree creating 2-3 crops per year of delicious, easy to pick fruits. these fruits are mini round guavas that range from bright red to dark purple and are loaded with Vitamin c and Anti- oxidents. Perfect for kids to pick and eat or try them in smoothies, jellies, or juices.

10. Seckel Pear

The Seckel Pear is by all definitions a kids sugar pear. Mini fat bottomed little pear is deep red in color, and fits perfectly in a kids hand. Best of all is its delicious spicy taste, juicy flesh, and extreme sweetness which everyone loves.

Written by Nalani Willis of