What is GMO and how does it affect you? Help Hair Shake and Vitamins are NON GMO.

What is GMO?

GMOs are  genetically modified organisms which are created in a lab. Scientists alter the genetic makeup of a plant like a soy bean or an animal like a salmon. Sounds crazy? But there is a great deal of controversy over GMO foods and their affect on the human body.

Where can I find GMO products?

Most packaged foods such as soy protein, pea protein, especially in work out products, protein bars, breakfast cereal, potato chips, tortilla chips ,baking mixes are altered. And many soft drinks which contain corn syrup.

What are labeling requirements?

There is growing controversy about whether the public should be aware of products they consume that are GMO. Some states such as Vermont have passed laws about labeling products that are GMO. GMO labeling is mandatory in over 60 worldwide countries. The argument against labeling is that it will increase the cost of the food. But shouldnt the consumer be made aware of the foods that they eat?

Any upside to GMO products?

Many major corporations have invested millions of dollars into research into GMO products which are more resistant to bugs and therefore they claim less pesticides are used on the crops. However the weeds develop into super weeds with need of more modification of the crops and to what end? If super weeds become more potent than the need for more poisonous pesticides is inevitable. This can cause concern for further health issues.

What  are the Health Affects?

But are GMO products bad for you? This is the really controversial aspect to the whole issue. The real answer is no one knows for sure but they have not been out on the market long enough to determine if they have deleterious side effects. But no one wants to take chances with their health. 

Most protein shakes, vitamins and hair vitamins contain GMO.

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