What is Loose Anagen Hair Loss Syndrome? Is this the cause of your hair loss...

Loose Anagen Hair Syndrome- How common is this hair loss problem?

Recently one of our Help Hair Clinics- MHRA Australia/Help Hair Shake Australia reported treating a patient for Loose Anagen Syndrome. Kate Dawes Trichologist diagnosed a patient with a condition where anagen(growth) phase hairs are easily and painlessly extracted from the head.

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Specifically under close exam-

"The presence of anagen hair devoid of its sheath and with ‘floppy sock appearance’ is a characteristic feature of loose anagen hair (LAH) on trichogram. LAH can be seen in normal population and in alopecia areata. The percentage of LAH in LAS is more than 50%. The histopathological findings show clefting between the layers of hair and are very useful in differentiating LAS from alopecia areata. "


                                        Help Hair Shake for Loose Anagen Hair Syndrome

Before/ After 6 months treatment using Help Hair Shake

Kate reported the following results to us-

"She has been taking Help Hair shake and vitamins along with digestive enzymes and probiotics for the past 6 months. Great results! .....First pull test 23 hairs, 2nd 10 hairs and 3rd 4 hairs! She may have just been protein deficient.

Loose Anagen Syndrome is usually reported in childhood however it can appear in adulthood as well.  

Help Hair Shake has been used for androgenic hair loss. We present a variety of cases to show that our Help Hair clinics try nutritional remedies when there are very few other remedies for non androgenic hair loss.

This blog is soley for educational purposes and is not used to treat, diagnose or examine your hair loss. Remember only a medical practitioner can treat for medical related hair loss problems. We sugest that if you are having problems with hair loss to contact one of our Help Hair Clinics. 

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