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  • Help Hair Shake Chocolate Flavor - Whey protein shake for hair loss. 
Recommended by Hair Clinics Worldwide!
2.1 lbs- 30 servings per pouch
  • Help Hair Shake Chocolate Flavor - Whey protein shake for hair loss. 
Recommended by Hair Clinics Worldwide!
2.1 lbs- 30 servings per pouch
  • Help Hair Shake Vanilla Flavor - Whey protein shake for hair growth. 
Recommended by Worldwide Hair Loss Physicians!
  • Help Hair Shake Vanilla Flavor - Whey protein shake for hair loss. 
Recommended by Hair Clinics Worldwide! 
2.1 lbs- 30 servings per pouch
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Case (5 Pouches) of Help Hair® Shake (Free Next Day Shipping) 2.1 lbs- 30 servings per pouch

11.11 LBS

Product Description

Product Description:

Help Hair® Shake is a whey protein shake for hair growth. Help Hair Shake has protein and  hair vitamins  for hair loss. We use a protein that will not raise DHT levels add has added important hair vitamins such as Biotin, Niacin and B-12. The Protein Shake and the Hair Vitamins replenish the hair follicles with nutrients for fast hair growth. Use Help Hair Shake daily with our Hair Vitamins for healthy hair.

  • The Help Hair® Shake features whey protein for hair growth and contains vitamins for hair loss supplemented with minerals such as zinc and magnesium.
  • Help Hair Shake® and Help Hair® Vitamins will make your hair look thicker, shinier, fuller, stronger and diminish shedding.
  • Help Hair® whey protein shake is a  suitable as an adjunct for muscle development  and weight loss meal programs, providing nutrients lacking in today's diets.
  • Help Hair Protein Shake contains  structural nutrition with essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

After 2 months using our product Help Hair® will decrease shedding. After 3-5 months  the shake provides all the vitamins and protein that make up the nutrition support for fuller, richer, thicker hair with more luster and shine. You will get compliments for looking younger!

Our product is all natural, growth hormone free low anabolic whey protein providing hair vitamins for growth  to make your hair look thicker and fuller. Unlike whey protein isolate which our studies have shown to aggravate hair loss found in most workout products. 

Use Help Hair Shake as a hair supplement when when your life is stressful and you start to lose hair.  Replace your anabolic weight training products or weight loss programs with our protein shake for hair. Help Hair® Shake and Help Hair® Vitamins were made by a World Renown Hair loss Physician and Dermatologist with over 27 years experience in Hair Restoration. We are the only Hair Loss product to be used by over a 100 Hair Loss Clinics Worldwide.

Free Shipping on a case of Shake and Free Shipping on all orders over $350. (USA only.) Email us for coupon towards international orders. We ship Worldwide!


Help Hair Shake - protein for thin, limp , dull  hair

Warning: Do not consume this product if you are taking sulfonamides, blood thinners, are allergic to iodine or PABA, pregnant, lactating, have liver disease, or drink excessive alcohol.  Keep out of reach of children.  Do not purchase if seal is broken.  Do not exceed 5mg per day of Biotin.  Always consult with a healthcare professional. Use within 60 days of opening. 


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  1. I was losing hair from low iron

    Posted by Annie B. on 31st Jan 2018

    My doctor told me I was anemic. I went to her and she treated me for about 6 months and restored my iron levels. But my hair had thinned. She told me to try help hair shakes. Within 3 months my hair was getting thicker and I stopped shedding. Now at 6 months my hair is almost fully restored. I started with 2 shakes and now I buy the case. I like vanilla and alternate with the super greens.

  2. Shake is amazing with almond drink!

    Posted by Afshan D. on 25th Jan 2018

    Shake is amazing with almond drink! I buy a case. I mix the vanilla with almond drink (usually buy 3 pouches) and 2 mochas. Product is amazing. Restored my hair when it was damaged by using creatine for working out. I use the vitamins in addition to the shake daily, and they are great and very easy to swallow. And I buy them in the 3 pack so I get free shipping for the shake and vitamins plus they usually have a coupon which I use when I place with the order.

  3. My hair stylist told me about it

    Posted by Renee R. on 22nd Jan 2018

    My hair stylist told me about it from Atlanta. The shake and vitamins are wonderful. My hair is growing faster and fuller than ever. I have to see my hair stylist more often to get it cut. But thats not a problem. Thats a good thing! I love having hair and I finally got rid of the weaves. I tried fish protein and shark collagen, MSM, horsetail and it didnt work and made me bloated. The Help Hair products work. I buy the case directly from the website and get free shipping since my hair stylist always runs out of the product. She says she sells it faster than she can keep it in stock. My favorite flavors are mocha, vanilla, chocolate and Berry. I have not tried the Super Greens. Maybe next time!

  4. Restored my hair really fast!

    Posted by Sonny P. on 17th Jan 2018

    My friend has been using Help Hair shake for 2 years and his hair is really thick from daily use. I was way more bald and I needed a hair transplant and had it done with Dr Behnam. He told me to use the shake after the hair transplant to make it grow in faster.
    My hair restoration procedure went great and my hair grew back within 5 months. And my non transplanted hair is thicker too. I did not want to take finasteride or minoxidil since it has side effects and I like the fact the shake is all natural. I bought the case and it lasts 5 months. I am on my second case and the free shipping is a nice plus. Mocha and chocolate are my favorite flavors.

  5. Protein shake actually works for hair!

    Posted by Dolly J. on 13th Jan 2018

    Unlike other products that claim they work for hair , Help Hair Shake actually regrew my hair. My trichologist told me that I needed protein to improve my hair regrowth and my diet was lacking in protein. I eat normally and I weigh around 135 lbs. So I did not think that this was an issue. But I realized after using the shake that Help Hair Shake provided me the proper protein needed for healthy hair. My hair regrew completely after about 5 months and now I use it consistently and my shedding and thin hair is a thing of the past. I buy the case for the best price.

  6. Tasty shakes and grows hair too!

    Posted by Hugo T. on 8th Jan 2018

    I did not think I would like drinking shakes daily. But when I saw that it worked and my hair actually grew back then I realized that the shakes were not only tasty but nutritious for my hair. I bought the case after purchasing 1 or 2 shakes at a time since 5 shakes came with free shipping.

  7. First time website buyer.

    Posted by Rutherford S. P. on 30th Dec 2017

    I have been buying the shake from my local dermatologist for about 4 months. Great results!
    I bought from the website since it is a little easier to get it by mail and with free shipping for a case I save on gas.

  8. Happy father and son - update!

    Posted by Dennis J. on 28th Dec 2017

    I posted back in July. I wanted to update everyone about my hair loss and my son's hair loss. This product is so amazing that I think my hair has never been better. And I was sharing the case with my son, but he likes the product so much he went and bought his own case and hides it from me so I wont take any of of his shake if I run low.

  9. Have been a long time customer and they have the best products!

    Posted by Jason T. on 25th Dec 2017

    I have been using the shakes for 7 years since I have a history of really bad hair loss in my family. My mothers side is completely bald. All my uncles have to shave their heads since they are all terribly bald. I did not want to end up bald. The shake has reversed my hair loss along with the help hair vitamins and I use the Leafy Green shampoo and conditioner. I thought I would have to use finasteride and minoxidil but the help Hair products are without a doubt the best on the market!

  10. Crazy true story!

    Posted by Crazy true story! on 16th Dec 2017

    I have been using the product for 10 months with amazing resultsI Then I ordered the case of shake. 5 pouches. I ordered 3 vanilla and 2 berries. After 2 months my supply of shake was completely gone. I thought to myself where did all the shake go to? I then discovered my husband was using the shake without telling me and drinking it at work. He did not want to tell me and when I confronted him. He asked me to look at him and see if there was anything different about him. I immediately realized he was using the Help hair shake since his hair was so much thicker! We both started laughing because we couldn't believe how there really is no other product that actually works as well as Help Hair Shake. And tastes good too! I guess I will have to buy extra shake for him too.

  11. Buy the case!

    Posted by Seddy K on 30th Nov 2017

    I buy the case (5 pouches) so I always have the shake in stock. No other hair product works like help hair shake. I have tried them all. This actually keeps my hair looking great. And they have coupons which I apply to the case making it really affordable! I am a big Mocha fan.

  12. The shakes has the best ingredients!

    Posted by Ross G. on 1st Nov 2017

    This shake has the best ingredients. It tastes amazing and has no after taste. I have been using it for 3 years and my hair is beyond thick. I started my son on the product since he is 18 y/o and started losing hair from creatine. My doctor recommended the product and told me to stay away from testosterone supplements. And there is a list he handed me that told me what supplements to avoid. So I hope my son starts using it on a regular basis because i want him to avoid massive hair loss. Especially since everyone in the family has some degree of hair loss.

  13. I can get all the flavors with the case.

    Posted by Gregory on 26th Oct 2017

    The best deal is the case. I can choose all 5 flavors. But honestly I cannot get enough of the chocolate and mocha. But I switch up all the time.
    I have been using this for 5 years fairly consistently after my hair transplant with Dr Cooley. It seems like I havent lost anymore hair and in fact my hair looks thicker than ever!

  14. Works for me!

    Posted by Corey Nue on 22nd Oct 2017

    I love this shake been drinking it for 6 weeks. Notice huge difference in my shedding and texture of the hair. Not as brittle. Cant wait to order my next few pouches.

  15. Hair Regrew in 2 months!

    Posted by D. Raves on 19th Oct 2017

    I bought my first pouch from my hair doctor, Dr Jerry Cooley.
    Hair Regrew in 2 months! I ordered online since I am not close to NC. Free shipping really helps!

  16. My doctor in LA recommended it!

    Posted by Behah M. on 26th Sep 2017

    My doctor in LA recommended it when I went to visit him for my hair loss problem. First I would like to say that my doctor, Dr Behnam is a specialist in hair restoration. He thought I should wait to do a hair surgery and try Help Hair shake. I tried it for 4 months and my crown grew back and I see alot of growth on the hair line. So I am really pleased with the product and the fact that Dr Behnam did not recommend surgery when he tried to go with a natural alternative.

  17. Happy father and Son!

    Posted by Dennis J. on 11th Jul 2017

    I buy the case and share it with my son. Unfortunately he has my genes for baldness. He likes vanilla and I get mocha.
    His hair grew back on the hairline. It took about 5 months. My hair took about 8 months and it has improved to the point that my wife thinks I look about 10 years younger!
    I also use the zinc shampoo since I have dandruff and my son uses the Leafy Green Shampoo and Conditioner. Both work great.

  18. This product is working as directed!

    Posted by Better than marine protein on 19th Jun 2017

    I bought this product not only because of the reviews but because my doctor recommended it. I am in my 40's and because of stress and genetics my hair receded and thinned in the crown. I decided to try 1 shake daily and 1 help hair vitamin daily. Its been 4 months and I have filled in my crown and my hair line looks thicker! I have tried marine protein and the it was expensive and I had fish breath. I guess they have good marketing because I was stuck on a re-ordering program and could not stop it until I cancelled my credit card. This company does have an automatic re-ordering program so I guess they are really confident it works and it did for me!

  19. Case has free shipping

    Posted by Ajay C. on 12th Jun 2017

    This product is amazing and I dont want to run out of it so for me the case it the way to go. The case has free shipping plus I get a coupon with it and this makes the product really affordable. I have been using it for 6 months and my hair fully regrew.

  20. Great product for working out and Great for hair growth

    Posted by Superman work out and Superman hair on 30th Jan 2017

    I work out almost everyday. I was using several work out products that my doctor told me was causing my hair loss. He told me to use Help Hair Shake and replace my work out product with the shake. I use the shake in the am and and take a second shake in the pm. I was told that this got the fastest results. He was right and within 4 months my hair looks great and the shake tastes great too. I drink the mocha flavor in the am and drink the vanilla in the pm. I mix berries in the vanilla. I like the fact the that the shake has free shipping with a case of 5 pouches. And I can mix the flavors in the case when I order. I think I am going to try the Super Greens with my next order.

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