Leafy Green™ Energizing & Volumizing Shampoo 16 oz. Sulfate and Paraben Free

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Help Hair Volumizing Shampoo is an excellent shampoo for dull, lifeless, limp hair. Help Hair Volumizing Shampoo will add density and volume back to dull, dry hair. When it was developed we made it without sulfates and parabens and in addition it is the only volumizer with absolutely no additional  salt which makes the hair dull, flat and limp. In addition to the volumizer it has  Green Tea Extracts along with caffeine that rejuvenizes the hair by stimulating hair growth. Taken in conjunction with Help Hair Whey protein Shake it will optimize your hair. Studies have shown that Green tea extracts especailly topicals will rejuvenate hair. Caffeine also has been shown topically to increase the hair growing phase. Help Hair  Shampoo will remove your hair of sebum and oils that contain DHT.  DHT is the main cause of hair loss and causes the hair to minaturize and fall out. Your scalp will be cleaner and your hair will be fuller and thick too. A protein, emollient and vitamin rich volumizing shampoo to enhance the growth cycle of your hair for fuller, flourishing, vibrant hair.

Help Hair®'s Leafy Green Shampoo is a hair growth shampoo designed for enhancing healthy hair. Hair grows from the root and must remain in an active growing phase for hair to be healthy. 
Each bottle is 16 oz.

To apply our shampoo use a small amount around the size of a quarter. Start out with a small amount and make sure you wash it out of the scalp 3-4 times and you will see the amazing benefits of our product.  

Our formulas do not contain petrolatum, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates (SLS), parabens or MSG (hydrolyzed protein).

Help Hair Volumizing Shampoo for thin hair

 Always consult with a Healthcare professional when starting any treatment.


Reviews (41)

Norma Pearson 3 Apr 2021

My hair is thicker looking and I do not see the scalp anymore!

With the Leafy Green products after a few uses my hair is thicker looking and I do not see the scalp anymore!

Eric Stanley 24 Jan 2021

I am writing to thank you for making such an amazing product.

I am a Long term Happy customer! I never write reviews but the shakes and vitamins along with the shampoos and conditioners are amazing. My hair doctor (Dr Cooley) who I went to several years ago started me on the products. My hair is thicker and fuller and my hair loss stabilized and the shakes filled in the bald areas. Customer service is amazing and they offer good advice on which products would work best. I would suggest calling them if you have questions. I started with vanilla shakes and added vitamins and the Rescue md shampoo and conditioner. Now that my hair is thick I use the leafy green shampoo and alternate with the Rescue MD. I currently drink the mocha and Zesty shakes. My hair is amazing and the products are A+ World class stuff. I could not give a better rating.

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Additional Info

1.00 LBS

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