RescueMD Variety Pack- Includes 3 bottles of Help Hair® Vitamins, 1 RescueMD Shampoo (16 oz), 1 RescueMD Conditioner (16 oz), Free Mini (Free Next Day Shipping)

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Our Rescue MD™ Variety Pack- includes 3 bottles of Help Hair Vitamins (60 tabs per bottle or 180 tabs), 1 Bottle of Help® RescueMD Shampoo (16 ounce), 1 Bottle of Help Rescue MD Conditioner (16 ounce), and Get Absolutely Free 1 Mini Single Serving On-The-Go Pouch. Choose either Chocolate or Vanilla flavors.  . Plus Free Shipping! 

Why choose this Combo? If you want fuller hair but need the Help® Shampoo and Help® conditioner because of damaged or unmanageable hair. If you want to volumize your hair then choose the Leafy Green Variety Pack.

Just state  flavor in comments. All of our great products plus Free Next Day Shipping! Note:  For international orders email us at for coupon offer on shipping.  Free Shipping rates apply only to USA.

Get Free Next Day Shipping when ordering our Variety packs.

If you want to order 2 shampoos  (or 2 conditioners) instead of 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner just state in comments. 

Growth Hormone Free. Vegetarian Friendly, No Artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or fillers. 


Reviews (12)

Sena K 5 Feb 2024

I was referred by Dr Tutu in NY and Products really work!

I was referred by Dr Tutu in NY and Products really work! I tried another expensive product that cost $88 month and had to take 4 capsules and my hair got worse. I have been using the shakes , vitamins and collagen and zinc shampoo , help shampoo and conditioner and alternate with the leafy green shampoo and conditioner and my hair is full and thick and my shedding is gone. Dr Tutu is wonderful and I have been using the Vegan shake too as extra protein as she suggested. Start early and stay with it!

JGMastin 3 Apr 2023

Love the products

I believe in the supplements to help with slowing down and helping my thinning hair grow in! The is is huge plus. I know of other women younger than I am love love your products! They highly recommend them and their hair is gorgeous. I recently started my husband on the supplements. Will see.

Additional Info

Additional Info

2.50 LBS

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