Pineapples and Papaya. Can I mix these with the Shake?

Shake Compatibility: Pineapples and Papaya

 Can I mix these fruits with the Shake?

Help Hair Shake is at the forefront of scientifically based hair regrowth. We are always looking to improve the efficacy of the Shake. 

Many consumers like to mix the Shake especially vanilla flavor with fruit. Two common fruits are Pineapples and Papaya. These fruits  have many health benefits to them and we do not suggest to stop consuming them.

But we have noticed that there is less efficacy with hair regrowth when using these fruits with the Shake. When we look into the science behind the effects of raw pineapple on protein degradation we do not recommend using it.

Bromelain refers to 2 protein enzymes derived from fresh pineapples. Papain is a protein enzyme from papaya. 

Papain, also known as papaya proteinase is a cysteine protease. Proteases will break down the cysteine and deactivate it.

"Bromelain can be absorbed in human intestines without degradation and without losing its biological activity [12, 13]."

Cysteine proteases are commonly found in papaya, pineapple, figs, and kiwi fruit.

Cysteine is a main amino acid in the formation of hair and a component of Help Hair Shake. 

Bromelain and papain are the most popular proteases to use for meat tenderizing. They are usually  sold in a powdered form and  sprinkled on the uncooked meat.

Papain breaks down  meat fibres, and has been used for thousands of years to tenderise meat. Meat tenderisers in powder form with papain as an active component are widely sold.

Although cooked or canned pineapple may be destroyed in the cooking process but we are not sure that it is compleletly deactivated so we suggest to consume these 1-2 hours after using the shake.

Pineapple and Papaya Hair Loss