PRP and Microneedling with Help Hair Shake

Boost Hair Growth: PRP & Shaket

Platelet Rich Plasma is a new technique for hair loss. Since the treatment is fairly new the technique is becoming a more exact science getting more consistent results. Hair Loss Doctors are combining Help Hair Shake with PRP and Microneedling as combination therapy to get better results. 

With PRP, a patient’s blood is drawn and then spun in a centrifuge. The plasma portion is separated from the other portion of the blood by a special gel. The platelets and the growth proteins separate in the tube, and are then collected and injected into the scalp where the hair is thinning. Using the growth factors enabling hair regrowth. The results are remarkable in terms of the regrowth in good candidates. Typically the best candidate for PRP is someone who has recently started losing hair.  One of our Help Hair doctors , Dr. Jeffrey Rapaport said. “It will not work for those who are completely bald—it is not a replacement for hair transplant surgery.” The treatment is about 40 to 80 percent effective, which is a significant amount of improvement with minimal risk and pain. Dr. Rapaport developed what he calls the “rapid PRP technique,” which is more aggressive because it combines multiple monthly PRP injections with the fairly new technique called microneedling.

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