Help Hair® Shower Power Pack™- all our Great Hair Care Products Plus Free Shipping (USA only)

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Help Hair® Shower Power Pack™.

All of our Amazing Shampoo's and Conditioner's.

Best of ALL Worlds! Plus Free Shipping (USA only).


1 bottle of Help® Shampoo- Rescue MD™(16 oz) - Natural Plant Herbal Extract. Moisturizes and Strengthens. Deep Cleanses. SLS and Paraben Free.

1 bottle of Help Hair® Leafy Green™ Energizing & Volumizing Shampoo (16 oz.) Sulfate and Paraben Free.

1 bottle of Help® Help® Conditioner- Rescue MD™(16 oz) - Natural Plant Herbal Extract. Moisturizes and Strengthens, Softens and Manages, Detangles, Ph Balanced.

1 bottle of Help Hair® Leafy Green™ Energizing and Volumizing Conditioner 16 oz. Softens and Volumizes! No parabens or SLS.

1 bottle of Help Hair® Scalp Therapy 2-in-1 Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner with Zinc 2%. 16 oz. SLS and Paraben Free. Volumizes and Conditions the hair. Great for itchy scalp. Powerful DHT blocker.


Using different shampoos on alternating days can help to avoid product buildup, which can clog hair follicles and weigh down hair. It can also prevent the scalp from becoming too used to one particular shampoo, which can lead to reduced effectiveness over time. Alternating shampoos can also allow for the use of different ingredients that may provide additional benefits, such as scalp exfoliation or hydration.


However, it’s important to choose shampoos based on hair type and individual needs, rather than solely for the purpose of alternating[3]. Additionally, using too many different shampoos at once or switching too frequently can also cause irritation or dryness of the scalp.


Overall, alternating shampoos can be a helpful way to promote healthy hair, but it’s important to choose high-quality products and avoid overdoing it with too many different options.



Plus Free shipping! (USA only)






Reviews (8)

Niki T 21 Feb 2024

Good variety of shampoos. I use them all.

I like the fact that this is a good variety of shampoos. I use them all. Depending on the time of year and whether my scalp is dry or oil. In the summer I tend to use the Leafy green and in the winter I use the rescue MD to help moisturize it from the dry air. I use the zinc scalp treatment when my head is very oily or flaky prior to the other shampoos and I finish with the conditioners also from this website.

Sena K 5 Feb 2024

I was referred by Dr Tutu in NY and Products really work!

I was referred by Dr Tutu in NY and Products really work! I tried another expensive product that cost $88 month and had to take 4 capsules and my hair got worse. I have been using the shakes , vitamins and collagen and zinc shampoo , help shampoo and conditioner and alternate with the leafy green shampoo and conditioner and my hair is full and thick and my shedding is gone. Dr Tutu is wonderful and I have been using the Vegan shake too as extra protein as she suggested. Start early and stay with it!

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Additional Info

5.00 LBS

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