Help Hair® Premier Vitamin 6 pack with Free Nuts4hair™ Collagen Complex. Plus Free Shipping!

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Special Offer: Help Hair® Vitamin 6 pack with Free Nuts4hair™ Collagen Complex.

Our Help Hair® Vitamin 6 pack includes 6 bottles of Help Hair Vitamins (120 tablets/bottle) plus Absolutely Free the Nuts4hair™ Collagen Complex .

If used daily 1 vitamin in the morning and 1 vitamin will last 6 months.

The expiration on the vitamins are at least 1 year or more. The 6 pack offers free shipping in the USA and for our Worldwide customers extremely low shipping.  

BEST INTERNATIONAL VALUE: International shipping is the same for a 3 pack of vitamins so you are getting a lower shipping price per bottle by ordering the 6 pack plus Absolutely Free 1 month supply of the Nuts4hair™2 Collagen Complex ($56.99 value for free).

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Reviews (4)

Brandon Conner 11 Jul 2022

My Hair Grew back in less than 4 months!

I am 24 years old and have been using whey protein isolate and collagen for 2 years. I thought it would be good for working out and my general health. I started to lose hair after 6-8 months from the WPI and collagen and did not realize it. I went to see a doctor in Charlotte and both the doctor and his staff told me it was the isolate and collagen. So they told me to try the help hair products. I tried the shake and collagen (nuts4hair) and I added the vitamins. Within 2 months all the shedding stopped and the hair started to grow back in. In 3-4 months it was fuller and thicker. I then added the Rescue shampoo and conditioner and I even added the Zinc as a scalp treatment 1-2 a week since it is a DHT blocker. My hair at 6.5 months is really thick and I do not need any medical treatments since I did not want to use finasteride because of the side effects or minoxidil. I wanted a natural alternative. I am lucky to find these products but since it was doctor recommended and I could not afford a procedure nor did I need one since I started on the shake etc early enough. The products and the customer service is amazing!

Geoffrey Becker 30 Jan 2022

I live in the Uk and this is the best value pack

I live in the Uk and this is the best value pack!

Additional Info

Additional Info

1.60 LBS

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