Help Hair® Premier Vitamin 6 pack with Free Nuts4hair™ Collagen Complex. Plus Free Shipping!

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Special Offer: Help Hair® Vitamin 6 pack with Free Nuts4hair™ Collagen Complex.

Our Help Hair® Vitamin 6 pack includes 6 bottles of Help Hair Vitamins (120 tablets/bottle) plus Absolutely Free the Nuts4hair™ Collagen Complex .

If used daily 1 vitamin in the morning and 1 vitamin will last 6 months.

The expiration on the vitamins are at least 1 year or more. The 6 pack offers free shipping in the USA and for our Worldwide customers extremely low shipping.  

BEST INTERNATIONAL VALUE: International shipping is the same for a 3 pack of vitamins so you are getting a lower shipping price per bottle by ordering the 6 pack plus Absolutely Free 1 month supply of the Nuts4hair™2 Collagen Complex ($56.99 value for free).

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Reviews (6)

JGMastin 3 Apr 2023

Love the products

I believe in the supplements to help with slowing down and helping my thinning hair grow in! The is is huge plus. I know of other women younger than I am love love your products! They highly recommend them and their hair is gorgeous. I recently started my husband on the supplements. Will see.

David Pina 5 Mar 2023

Help Hair products grew back my hair!

Currently using the shakes and vitamins and collagen (Nuts4hair). I have been taking them for 6 months. I lost my hair from using Ashwagandha and collagen which I thought was good for hair. My hair started shedding and I lost over 150 hairs a day with clumps all around the sink. I went to a local dermatologist and and she suggested help hair products. And told me to stop using the collagen and ashwagandha. I started the shakes daily and used the help hair vitamin later. My hair literally stopped shedding in 2- 3weeks. Then I noticed new hair growing back and within 3 months my hair was fuller. Then around 4.5- 5 months my hair was thick again and now I am on a maintenance ( at 6 months)of shakes and vitamins. I threw away that product with ashwagandha because my other doctor said it worked and it only aggravated my hair but the dermatologist was right about help hair! And I stopped the collagen and use the Nuts4hair collagen which helped improve my hair too. I guess if you get the right products you get great results. Lucky for me it was help hair.

Additional Info

Additional Info

1.60 LBS

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