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  • Rescue MD™ Double Pack - 2 Help Shampoos and 2 Help Conditioners with Free shipping. Or any combination. Just state in comments.

Rescue MD™ Double Pack - 2 Help® Shampoos and 2 Help® Conditioners with Free shipping

4.00 LBS

Product Description

Get 2 bottles of Help® Shampoo Rescue MD™ (16 oz) 


2 bottles of Help® Conditioner Rescue MD™ (16 oz) 

Or if you want a combination of

3 Help shampoos plus 1 Help Conditioner

or 4 Help Shampoo

or 4 Help Conditioners

or 3 Help Hair Conditioners plus 1 Help Shampoo


Just state in comments.  All combos have Free Shipping for our Amazing Shampoo and Conditioner!




Product Reviews

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  1. I buy the Help Hair vitamins with great success and use the Rescue MD Shampoo and Conditioner which are amazing!

    Posted by Sean H. on 17th Aug 2018

    I buy the Help Hair vitamins with great success and use the Rescue MD Shampoo and Conditioner which are amazing!

  2. I am a Patient of Dr Sean Behnam and he recommended me to these wonderful products!...

    Posted by Rita Weinger on 11th Aug 2018

    I am a Patient of Dr Sean Behnam and he recommended me to these wonderful products! I use the 4 Step Program. Shakes Vitamins Shampoo and Conditioner daily for about 6 months now. He even explains it in a video how well it works and it grew my hair in after I suffered hair loss from constant stress. Dr Behnam is great and so is Help Hair!

  3. Really great shampoo and conditioner!

    Posted by Molly J. on 20th Jul 2018

    I am using the RescueMD Shampoo and Conditioner and my hair is starting to regrow. It helps my hair since it is damaged from hair coloring and I have patches of hair that have fallen out. So happy to see my hair regrowing in.

  4. Dr Jerry Cooley recommended Help Hair products!

    Posted by Patrick H. on 11th Jul 2018

    Dr Jerry Cooley recommended Help Hair products to me when I visited him all the way from Alabama. Here is a link to a youtube video that I found before I scheduled my appointment I was losing my hair and I wanted to go to the best hair loss doctor. His credentials are excellent so it was worth traveling. He was past President of the Hair Restoration Society and a Board Certified Dermatologist. He told me it was too soon for a hair transplant and he suggested I try the Help Hair Shake and vitamins and even use the their shampoos and conditioners.
    I started with the shake and vitamins daily and after a few months I knew I was on the right track. Next I added the Rescue MD shampoo and conditioner. My hair is so much thicker and it stopped falling out and the hair line and bald spot in the back filled in.I did not want to use finasteride because of the side effects so I added the Nuts4Hair which has natural DHT blockers. The taste of the shake and the Nuts4Hair is really good and I look forward to taking it everyday. I am so happy and Dr Cooley really gave me good advice. He said this is the only product that works for hair. And he has tried them all!

  5. Help hair 4 step program grew back my hair.

    Posted by Raja P. on 9th Jun 2018

    Help hair 4 step program grew back my hair. I had surgery on my back. Lots of pain and rehab. My hair started falling out 6 months later. Help hair shake and vitamins reversed it within 4 months. I am using the the Leafy green shampoo and conditioner to volumize it and I also use the Rescue MD shampoo and conditioner which helps with the growth.
    I do not use them both at the same time. I even use the serum which regrew a bald spot on the back of my head.

  6. Feels like my hair was washed with shampoo and conditioner from a professional hair salon.

    Posted by Regina K. on 1st Jun 2018

    I use the shake and vitamins. They work great. Now I added this new product. It smells good and makes my hair feel bouncy and look shiny. The shampoo is pearlescent so has a nice feel when you lather it into your scalp. I like the Rescue MD conditioner too even though I typically do not use a conditioner and it feels "weightless" and does not make my hair feel limp but actually feels clean and "groomed" like I just had it professionally done in a hair salon.

  7. I am a medical doctor and I use it for personal use!

    Posted by Dr Happy Hair on 28th May 2018

    I am a medical doctor and I use it for personal use! I had a hair transplant and used the shake for faster regrowth. My hair grew back within 5 months. Now I use it for the existing non transplanted hair and it maintains the hair and keeps it full and thick looking. Plus my transplanted hair looks amazing. I also use the help hair vitamins along with the shake and the volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I just tried the Rescue MD shampoo and Rescue MD conditioner. My new routine is I use the Leafy green volumizing shampoo an conditioner one day and I alternate with the rescue MD shampoo and conditioner on the next time I wash my hair. My hair has never felt so good. I am not in a medical field involving hair or cosmetics. I would have no reason to believe that products could work so well but they are actually amazing since I have had first hand experience with the great results. If for some reason a hair loss issue comes up in my office I always mention the products to my patients.

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