Burnt Out™ Orange Flavor De-Stressor and Sleep Aid Help Hair® Shake Plus (30 servings 2.1 lbs.) Recommended by Worldwide Hair Clinics!

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Expected release date is 22 Dec 2022

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Burnt Out™ Real Orange Flavor De-Stressor and Sleep Aid Help Hair® Shake Plus(30 servings 2.1 lbs.) for thicker, stronger looking hair with additional ingredients for hair loss from extreme stress.

Recommended by Worldwide Hair Clinics! for thicker, stronger looking hair.


Do not confuse this with Orange Moo™ which is our Frozen Orange Smoothie drink for hair loss from menopause. male pattern baldness, post pregnancy, work out products.

This new flavor is an Anti-Stress formula and will help you feel more relaxed and even sleep better.

Our Products contain ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS and are Drug Free. 





Is your hair falling out because you are stressed out and Burnt Out!

Many factors lead to stress and increased Cortisol levels which can aggravate hair loss such as

undergoing surgery, general anesthesia, divorce, separation, loss of a job or loved one and the list

goes on.





Prolonged stress can cause you to get "Burnt Out". And this can cause massive hair shedding which is

know as Telogen Effluvium or T.E. and can lead to permanent hair loss.


Our Latest Flavor and perhaps our Greatest Flavor for hair loss from Stress and Burn Out.


Dr Shapiro has developed an Amazing All Natural Real Orange Flavor 


with added Adaptogens that help your body respond to stress, anxiety, fatigue and increase overall
Adaptogens bring your body back to a steady balance by managing both physical and mental stressors. 

Our proprietary hair shake filled with the proper ratio of All Natural ingredients is formulated to  balance back your Adrenals and will decrease your cortisol levels and will not raise your Testosterone levels. 

We do not use Ashwagandha which raise Testosterone levels and long term can adversely impact your Adrenal gland which most companies utilize for Adrenal support. Please read our blog on Ashwagandha- Adverse effects of on hair. 

We use  several Adaptogens that reduce the cortisol levels while

maintaining balance and avoid increasing DHT levels which lead to hair loss.


This new flavor is an Anti-Stress formula and will help you feel more relaxed and even sleep better.









We source all our own ingredients and blend them to give the maximum impact so that you can get

back fuller, thicker hair.

Rather than taking 4-6 capsules and getting very little absorption our shakes offer in one serving 32

grams of a scrumptious, delicious tasting balanced blend with a delicious All Natural Orange citrus

flavor loaded with Vitamin C and our World renown Help Hair ingredients will restart your hair into the

growth phase.


screen-shot-2022-11-11-at-9.58.00-am.png.        burnt-out-orange-for-hair-loss-from-stress-final.png





We recommend using this product for 1-2 months to rebalance and reduce the stress factors and then

continue with one of our other 

9 wonderful flavors.

Alternatively use this shake once a week and the other flavors daily if your stress is prolonged.


This product may cause drowsiness in some people so avoid driving or using heavy machinery.  We suggest using half a scoop or less to start. 

Our research shows that that increased cortisol levels and burn out can be from intense weight training.


Our shake can be used for post work out as a de-stressor.




























Amazing Hair with Help Hair Shake









*Always consult with a healthcare professional when starting any product or if you have a medical condition or if you are taking 

a prescription medicine. Some of the ingredients may cause  low blood sugar or low blood pressure or prolonged bleeding  if you are taking medications for diabetes or high blood pressure or blood thinners. This may also interact with MAO inhibitors.

If you suffer from depression or are under the care of a doctor please consult with them before starting our products.

This product may cause drowsiness in some people and avoid driving or using heavy machinery. 


*Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.



Reviews (2)

Gurj 25 Jan 2023

Quality Product with Top Tier Ingredients

I've been ordering HelpHair shakes since 2015 when my dermatologist recommended it. He told me these shakes are the best and are made from quality ingredients. And that's exactly what my experience has been. I love these shakes and think they have a visible impact when taken consistently. I would encourage anyone looking for a quality shake to consider this product.

Dave Delantano 23 Nov 2022

I cant wait to try the two new flavors!

I cant wait to try the two new flavors! I have been using the shakes since they came on the market back in 2008. They work incredibly. I know when they release a new flavor it is a Big Deal since they spend alot of time on research. I had hair loss in my mid 30's and ever since I was on the products my hair is as good as new.

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Additional Info

2.10 LBS

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