Orange Moo™ Help Hair Shake Ice Smoothie. (30 servings 2.1 lbs.) Recommended by Worldwide Hair Clinics!

2.10 LBS
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All Natural Orange Moo™ Help Hair® Shake Ice Smoothie for thicker, stronger looking hair.

Real Orange Citrus flavor.

Non GMO. Gluten free. Vegetarian Safe.

No Artificial Flavors or Colors.

Do not confuse this with Burnt Out™ Orange which has additional ingredients for hair loss from stress.

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Reviews (11)

Shannon B. 19 May 2024

My Dermatologist recommended Help Hair successfully!

I was losing my hair for about 3 years slowly. I was thinning on the top and receding on the sides. I tried a brand that cost me $88/ month and automatically takes your $$ every month.. You had to take 4 capsules daily. They were like horse pills and I took them because they advertise alot on TV. They claim they have studies and it is run by some non medical people without any background in hair. But the made them selves experts. So 2 years later and thousands of dollars of lost money I am still bald and in fact even worse. I had no choice but go to my dermatologist and get his help. When I went to see Dr Brent Mizelle I told him my story. He said he sees this happen all the time with scam products. But he told me to try help Hair since he has been recommending it for 10 years with great success. I started with the vitamins. they are really small and easy to swallow. You do not take 4 large horse pills like i was doing with the other scam brand. You take 1 small pill in the am and 1 small pill in the pm. Thats it! And its 1/3 of the price of the other brand I was taking. In less than 4 months my hair was filling in. Then I decided since i like to make a morning shake to add the help hair shakes to my daily regiment. Not only does it taste great, I prefer the vanilla with fruit daily but my hair was getting so thick that my hair dresser wanted to k now my secret. I added the shampoos starting with the rescue MD and conditioner and leafy green volumizers. Thank you Dr Mizelle for the great advice and thank you Help Hair for the great products.

Sena K 1 Apr 2024

Actually works! Avoided a surgery

Dr Cooley told me to use this and wait to see if I needed a surgery. Hair Grew back after using it for several months! Did not need a transplant. Happy happy customer!

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Additional Info

2.10 LBS

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