Help® Conditioner- Rescue MD™(16 oz) - Natural Plant Herbal Extract. Moisturizes and Strengthens, Softens and Manages, Detangles, Ph Balanced.

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help-conditioner-rescue-md.pngHelp® Conditioner Rescue MD™ - Natural Plant Herbal Extract. Moisturizes and Strengthens, Softens and Manages, Detangles,  Ph Balanced. SLS, Paraben, Petrolatum and Salt free 

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Our Amazing product promotes growth and Helps damaged hair and manageability.

Here are some of the ingredients that promote growth.

Capsicum annuum  plus 


Curcumin ;     curcumin- resulted in a concentration-dependant decrease in TGF-beta1 expression. 
Linoleic acid and Linolenic acid
Especially good growth when taken with the Help Hair shake and vitamins daily plus Nuts4Hair with not only pumpkin seed
See entire label.
  Always consult with a Healthcare professional when starting any treatment.



Reviews (38)

Dave Becker 1 May 2022

Shampoo solved my shedding!

The Rescue MD shampoo has a nice scent and stopped my shedding problem within 3-4 weeks. I am not sure why i was losing hair but this product actually works!

Baxter Russell 20 Jan 2022

Hair Help is the best!!

Hair Help is the best!! The shakes are delicious and the shampoo and conditioner are amazing!! It works!! My boyfriend and I use these products! The results are incredible… life changing!!! Best thing you can do for your hair.

Additional Info

Additional Info

1.00 LBS

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