Mr. Nutty Combo Pack- Nuts4Hair (30 servings), Help Shampoo, Help Conditioner, Help Hair Vitamins with Free Shipping

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Nuts4Hair Combo Pack- Free shipping    Includes: 1 Pouch- Nuts4Hair®- Collagen Complex, Natural DHT Blockers- Pumpkin Seed, Saw Palmetto, Omega 3's- Chia & Flax Seed, Vit(s) E,C in Delicious Peanut Butter Powder (30 servings)   Plus  1 bottle of Help® Shampoo- Rescue MD™(16 oz) - Natural Plant Herbal Extract. Moisturizes and Strengthens. Deep Cleanses. SLS and Paraben  Plus  1 bottle of Help® Conditioner- Rescue MD™(16 oz) - Natural Plant Herbal Extract. Moisturizes and Strengthens, Softens and Manages, Detangles, Ph Balanced.  Plus 1 Bottle of Help Hair® Vitamins- 60 Tabs. Doctor Formulated and Recommended by Worldwide Hair Clinics!

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Nutty Combo Pack- Nuts4Hair (30 servings), Help Shampoo, Help Conditioner, Help Hair Vitamins


mr-nutty-combo-pack.jpg        Look at that beautiful hair!

Amazing results with Mr. Nutty Combo Pack: Nuts4Hair Collagen and Help Vitamins, and Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner after 4 months.

Picture sent to us by a very happy customer!



Hi. My name is Connie Worth. I have order products from you. I am sending you a picture of me and my mother in law Susie Porche. I had purchased the nut powder and protein shake for her and myself. She loves both products and has noticed improvement of her hair. What a blessing. She is smiling again. I am thankful God had put this product in my path to share with my mother in law. Thank you and God Bless.





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Jesse Summers 5 Nov 2022

Great Combination of Nutrients and Shampoos that Grew back my hair

My hair loss journey was over a period of 5 years. I was gradually thinning and had a history of family baldness. I did not want to go bald. My friend has been using the shakes etc for over 2 years and told me to try them. I started to take the products daily for 6 months and could not believe that my hair was actually growing back. But not just growing fast but growing thick. The shampoo and conditioner are amazing too. I give these products a 5 star. I would recommend them to anyone who is losing hair and to start the products as soon as they think they are thinning or shedding.

Brandon Conner 11 Jul 2022

My Hair Grew back in less than 4 months!

I am 24 years old and have been using whey protein isolate and collagen for 2 years. I thought it would be good for working out and my general health. I started to lose hair after 6-8 months from the WPI and collagen and did not realize it. I went to see a doctor in Charlotte and both the doctor and his staff told me it was the isolate and collagen. So they told me to try the help hair products. I tried the shake and collagen (nuts4hair) and I added the vitamins. Within 2 months all the shedding stopped and the hair started to grow back in. In 3-4 months it was fuller and thicker. I then added the Rescue shampoo and conditioner and I even added the Zinc as a scalp treatment 1-2 a week since it is a DHT blocker. My hair at 6.5 months is really thick and I do not need any medical treatments since I did not want to use finasteride because of the side effects or minoxidil. I wanted a natural alternative. I am lucky to find these products but since it was doctor recommended and I could not afford a procedure nor did I need one since I started on the shake etc early enough. The products and the customer service is amazing!

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Additional Info

3.00 LBS

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