Help2Grow™- Collagen-Plant based protein shake for Great hair and working out ( 1lb- 30 servings)

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Help2Grow™-Collagen-Plant based protein shake for Great hair, nails, skin, body. ( 1lb- 30 servings)


Our latest and perhaps greatest shake.
5 varieties- vanilla, chocolate, mocha, banana, and original (No added sweeteners or flavor)
30 servings per pouch.
Recommended 1-2 servings per day
15 grams of protein per serving 
2 mg of natural iron per serving
Pumpkin seed protein with natural Dht blocker




No: artificial flavors, colors , sweeteners,  preservatives, MSG, guar gum, or fillers 
Vegetarian Blend:
Lactose Free, 
Dairy free
Non GMO , 
Gluten free
Growth Hormone free, 
Pesticide free, 
Non Irradiated  and No ethylene oxide
No Soy or Pea Protein
No Added sugar
Low net carbs
This product is amazing for hair and 
makes a great meal replacement, smoothie booster, or post workout replenishment.

15 grams of protein per serving.


Highest grade of fish collagen/ plant proteins


Great for extra healthy protein in your diet.


Great for Working out!        Great for your hair! Great for your Soul!



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Reviews (4)

Sarah M. 1 Apr 2024

My dream shake!

Has all the good stuff I wanted in a shake. There is no product on the market like it. Help hair does all the research and I get all the benefits. Thank you guys!

Becky S. 21 Feb 2024

Great Protein shake with lots of benefits!

I started too use this shake and immediately noticed an improvement in my hair and skin and even nails started to look better. Probably because of the fish collagen. It has enhanced my work out and I use it right after I do my cycling class. The morning pain in my right ankle is gone. Another thing I noticed like the last review is I do not get brain fog anymore. Its as if this product has made me feel even better with more mental clarity. A big plus! I like the fact it does not have pea or soy protein which have some bad effects on the hair and they are a cheap protein that most companies use in their products. I get the vanilla flavor and add bananas and blueberries. Yummy!

Additional Info

Additional Info

1.00 LBS

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