Ve-Grow™- Plant based protein shake for Great hair, nails, skin, body. ( 1lb- 30 servings)

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Ve-Grow™- Plant based protein shake ( 1lb- 30 servings) for Great hair, nails, skin, body.


Our latest and perhaps greatest shake.
3 varieties- vanilla, chocolate and original (No added sweeteners or flavor)
30 servings per pouch.
Recommended 1-2 servings per day
15 grams of protein per serving 
2.5 mg of biotin per serving plus our Proprietary hair vitamin formula
2 mg of natural iron per serving
Pumpkin seed protein with natural Dht blocker


No: artificial flavors, colors , sweeteners,  preservatives, MSG, guar gum, or fillers 
All Vegan:
Lactose Free, 
Dairy free
Non GMO , 
Gluten free
Growth Hormone free, 
Pesticide free, 
Non Irradiated  and No ethylene oxide
No Soy or Pea Protein
No Added sugar
Low net carbs
This product is amazing for hair and 
makes a great meal replacement, smoothie booster, or post workout replenishment.
For UK customers there are no UK customs limitations since this is a non dairy product.





grow-1-.jpg Yummy Chocolate flavor 








Amazing Vanilla flavor 





















Reviews (1)

Jenny F. 26 Apr 2023

Just Received the New Vegrow Shake and Loving it

I have been drinking the help hair shake for 4 years. I decided to try the plant based shake and see how it tastes. It just arrived yesterday. The Vegrow has the same great taste as the help hair shake. I bought a case of chocolate. It is easy to mix and you only need 1 tbsp but and I really like the protein content I mix it with water and crushed ice in my nutri-blender. Very very tasty. I like the fact is has some really good proteins and is non gmo and organic.

Additional Info

Additional Info

1.00 LBS

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