Plush™ Peaches and Cream Help Hair® Shake (30 servings 2.1 lbs.) Finally Here!

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Get Plush Hair with

Delicious tasting Plush™ Peaches and Cream Help Hair® Shake 

(30 servings 2.1 lbs.) 

Finally Here!

Growth Hormone Free. Vegetarian Friendly No Artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or fillers. 








Reviews (3)

paul malone 5 Apr 2022

Long time user with Great hair from this product

I have been using this product for about 8 years. I was recommended years ago by Dr Jerry Cooley. I had hair loss and was not ready for a hair transplant. My hair was thinning for a variety of reasons. I started to use the shake daily and within 2 months I noticed the difference. My hair was really full at 5months. I even went back to Dr Cooley to see if I needed any treatment and he said just stay on the shake. I have been using the shake on a regular basis and have not noticed and more hair growth and have recommended this product to all my friends and relatives. I am a big chocolate fan so this satisfies my cravings and my hair is the best it has ever been. I like the case with free shipping and the customer service is great and gets my product out the same or next day!

Theo Gray 11 Feb 2022

I Love this Product!

Let me start off by saying that I love this product I have been taking hair shake since 2016.. I started balding in my early 30’s. My grandfather, father, uncles, most of my brothers and mostly all my cousins are bald or headed in that direction. I pretty much come from a bald family. This product not only make my hair thicker, it also make my hair grow really fast. Without this product I could get away with a hair cut every 2-3 weeks. When on this product I have to get a hair cut once a week. This product also makes my nails grow really fast. Now in my early 40’s I still have a full head of healthy hair. It’s thick, full and strong. I can wear any style I want, long or short. I accidentally stumbled on this product online looking for a alternative work out protein that would not make your hair fall out.. I was not looking for something that would make my hair grow I was only looking for something that wouldn’t make my hair fall out. I forget that this is a workout protein, sometimes that gets lost.. whoever made the hair shake is a genius, without it I would be bald living under a hat. 100%.

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Additional Info

2.10 LBS

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