Plush™ Peaches and Cream Help Hair® Shake (30 servings 2.1 lbs.) Finally Here!

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Get Plush Hair with

Delicious tasting Plush™ Peaches and Cream Help Hair® Shake 

(30 servings 2.1 lbs.) 

Finally Here!

Growth Hormone Free. Vegetarian Friendly No Artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or fillers. 








Reviews (8)

Gurj 25 Jan 2023

Quality Product with Top Tier Ingredients

I've been ordering HelpHair shakes since 2015 when my dermatologist recommended it. He told me these shakes are the best and are made from quality ingredients. And that's exactly what my experience has been. I love these shakes and think they have a visible impact when taken consistently. I would encourage anyone looking for a quality shake to consider this product.

Daniel Franklin 6 Dec 2022

Works Works Works!

Big Fan of this product. Easy to use. I drink the mocha shake daily and use the help hair vitamins as recommended but switch with the berry after a work out. My hair loss was from all sorts of causes. Stress , testosterone use , ashwagandha, and lack of sleep and poor nutrition. I will say that the shake does give me a good dose of a healthy daily meal and the fact it is growth hormone free, and has no gluten and no artificial flavors or colors I think is important. My hair took around 3 months to stop falling out and now a year later it has grown back in and is super healthy. I get hair cuts every 2-3 weeks.

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Additional Info

2.10 LBS

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