Nuts4Hair®- Collagen Complex, Natural DHT Blockers- Pumpkin Seed, Saw Palmetto, Omega 3's- Chia & Flax Seed, Vit(s) E,C in Delicious Peanut Powder (30 servings).

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Collagen Complex, Natural DHT Blockers- Pumpkin Seed, Saw Palmetto, Omega 3's- Chia & Flax Seed,

Vitamin(s) E, C in Delicious Peanut Butter Powder (30 servings).  Free shipping with case (5 pouches).

• Use just 1 small tbsp (or twice daily). Other brands you need 3-4 large "horse pills a day".

  Watch our New Product Videos- Scroll bottom of the page. 

We do not use Shark Collagen in our product! 

   Read more about the hazards of shark cartilage from the New York Times article...

• Our Collagen is all USA sourced. Lactose and Dairy Free!

• 3 grams of protein per serving- Great for hair!

• We do not use horsetail in our products. Read about the hazards of horsetail...

• We do not use Ashgawanda. Read about how Ashgawanda is extremely anabolic and will cause hair loss.

If you are using Collagen for hair loss check whether  your current product has the above ingredients. 

See Highlights Below:

3 Delicious Flavors to choose from.

nuts4hair-copy-1-.jpeg The Original "Mr. Nutty" Peanut Flavor


help-hair-java-nut-coffee.png Java Nut Coffee- with real Columbian coffee added. All natural. No Artificial Flavors or colors.

nuts4hair-choco-nuts.pngChoco Nuts - with real Cocoa added. All natural. No Artificial Flavors or colors.







• Other Brands you need to take "Horse-Pills".

• 3 grams of delicious protein per serving for your hair.



      a-nuts4hair-with-mr-nutty.png   Mr. Nutty is Nut's4Hair™


Here are the Highlights:

(see scientific references below)

      1) Easy Usage     
       • Use just 1 small tbsp (or twice daily) without having to swallow 3-4 large horse pills like most marine collagen pills. 
       • Mixes easily with your favorite beverage or Help Hair Shake.  It can even be added to hot coffee, oatmeal , or baked into cookies. 
       • Heat will not degrade it. 
       • Easy recipe: mix 1 tbsp of our product with 2 tbsp of water and make a creamy peanut butter spread and apply it to a cracker or bread.
          3 grams of great protein in every Tbsp.
2) Our Collagen complex has 2 different collagens. 
       • Both Marine and Bovine for a better array of absorption.  All USA sourced collagens.
       • Double the amount of marine collagen than any of our competitors in 1 small tbsp. 
3) Nuts4Hair has both saw palmetto and pumpkin seed which together has been shown to work better on blocking DHT then either alone. 
4) Chia and Flaxseed- High in Omega 3’s with anti-inflammatories to block prostaglandins.
5) Vitamin C and E for better absorption the collagen complex 
   and better growth.  
6) Nuts4hair can be used with Help Hair Shake and Vitamins - 
    • Does not exceeds our 5 mg daily dose of Biotin even when all 3 products are used together.  
7) Lactose Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Low Fat, Non GMO. No salt added. 
8) We have No horsetail tail in our products which has reported serious side effects such as hypoglycemia, low potassium levels or low thiamine
9) Made in a FDA reviewed CGMP facility 





Warning and Safety Information: 





Shake bag well since it will settle.

Use 1-2 Tbsp daily. 

Use a level Tbsp. Not heaping and not packed.

Mix into your favorite food or beverage.




Picture sent to us by a very happy customer from Texas!


Look at that beautiful hair! After 4 months use of Nuts4hair.


Help Hair


Help Hair Products are Worldwide!

We have Low Fedex Shipping rates Worldwide! 

Here is a testimonial from a Polish Patient of Dr Marwan Saifi's clinic In Wroclaw, Poland.
The patient is a famous singer in Poland.
He loves our products especially our Nuts4Hair. Check out this Instagram link.

 Hi. My name is Connie Worth. I have order products from you. I am sending you a picture of me and my mother in law Susie Porche. I had purchased the nut powder and protein shake for her and myself. She loves both products and has noticed improvement of her hair. What a blessing. She is smiling again. I am thankful God had put this product in my path to share with my mother in law. Thank you and God Bless.



Dr Shapiro discusses Simple Tips for Mixing the Nuts4hair.

















Reviews (22)

JGMastin 3 Apr 2023

Love the products

I believe in the supplements to help with slowing down and helping my thinning hair grow in! The is is huge plus. I know of other women younger than I am love love your products! They highly recommend them and their hair is gorgeous. I recently started my husband on the supplements. Will see.

David Pina 5 Mar 2023

Help Hair products grew back my hair!

Currently using the shakes and vitamins and collagen (Nuts4hair). I have been taking them for 6 months. I lost my hair from using Ashwagandha and collagen which I thought was good for hair. My hair started shedding and I lost over 150 hairs a day with clumps all around the sink. I went to a local dermatologist and and she suggested help hair products. And told me to stop using the collagen and ashwagandha. I started the shakes daily and used the help hair vitamin later. My hair literally stopped shedding in 2- 3weeks. Then I noticed new hair growing back and within 3 months my hair was fuller. Then around 4.5- 5 months my hair was thick again and now I am on a maintenance ( at 6 months)of shakes and vitamins. I threw away that product with ashwagandha because my other doctor said it worked and it only aggravated my hair but the dermatologist was right about help hair! And I stopped the collagen and use the Nuts4hair collagen which helped improve my hair too. I guess if you get the right products you get great results. Lucky for me it was help hair.

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Additional Info

0.40 LBS

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